My EVE Explanation

[EVE Online] I know a few of you have been wondering what EVE Online is like…and although I’m not the best at explaining things I will…

In EVE there is a gigantic galaxy…with hundreds of solar systems…all having a security rating…1.0 is tight security and 0.0 has no security. All the players play on one server (excluding the test server). You pilot a multitude of ships and use a plethora of skills depending on what path you wish to follow… there are no limits to the amount of skills you can have and can transition easily to which ever style suits your play (asteroid miner, mercinary, space pirate, trader, or a ship builder). Each has its own challenges and there are probably more than I have listed…

Open ended as the game is…to get a truely engrossing gaming experience you need ISK (EVE money) and lots of it. Usually one joins a corp to get started off and then ascends the ranks of corps from the newer ones to the more serious ones…. a corp is like a guild in WoW or other fantasy MMOGs

As far as game mechanics go… you pilot a variety of ships…from the fragile frigates to the intimidating Battleships and even the middle ground cruisers…however there are alot more classes of ships designed to do what you want them to, be it a fighter or a hauling craft.. but you dont control the ships directly, so if you enjoy fast paced shooting combat, EVE isn’t for you…the piloting involves clicking on an options interface like other MMOGs. You customise your ships with whatever weapons and electronic gear you can, from ECM to velocity upgrades

If you engage combat, and death is eminent… you can eject into your lifepod which is your last defense from death…if you are killed in this pod (podded) then you respawn as a clone in the last station you sent the clone to..higher level clones result in less skill loss…if you are killed then you lose some skill points you had trained.. about skill points…unlike in some games…it is impossible to power level a character seeing as how all skills train at the same rate (unless you learn skills to make training easier).

Well that’s all I can think of at the spur of the moment…if you have any other questions then post a comment and I’ll see if I can answer them. (By the way if you are interested in getting EVE check out and check it out…if anyone decides to try it look me up and I’ll try to help ya out :D )


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  1. Could you please give us something like a story about what a newbie would experience when they first log into the game? In most MMO’s, the first hour or so is the defining experience that players use to determine if they want to stay with the game or not.

    What I am looking for is for you to pick a “class” you are familiar with and just tell us a little about how they start out and what they have the potential to do.

  2. I’d like to hear more too. I did play EVE in the beta and all I remember doing is mining. And mining. And mining. And mining. And mining. Oh, I also did a little mining, just to break the tedium of all the mining.

  3. Newbie: After you choose your name/gender/race/attributes/looks/”class/corp” you are dumped into the starting system of your corp and added to the channel for it. You are then started with a tutorial that includes various game elements: fighting, mining, buying/selling on market, refining, etc. After a bit you are sent off to another Agent (Eve NPC’s) for more missions (quests.)

    Classes: There aren’t any true classes, Eve is a skill based game. If you decide to focus on skills useful for mining (refining, navigation, drones) you’ll be a “miner” but there are few of those that aren’t useful for trading or combat-focused characters.


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