It was worth a shot

[World of Warcraft] Well, if nothing else, my friend talks a good game. He managed to talk 2 level 60s into quitting their guild and joining up with ours. Unfortunately, he chose a horrible week to do it since half of our guild is camping right now (and not as in corpse camping, they’re real life friends who are roughing it for the week). Another guild member and myself will be joining them tomorrow. I haven’t had a chance to play as much this week either since it is finals week. So with most of the guild gone this week, the 2 level 60s left the guild today. Oh well.

Anyways, as mention earlier, I will be camping this weekend so no WoW, ESPN Fantasy Baseball, e-mail, posting on this site, or E3 news for me. I guess I’ll have to wait until Monday to find out more about Civ4 and download pictures of e3 booth models.