EverQuest 2 Anyone?

[EverQuest 2] I was at Fry’s Electronics today seeing what games I could get for $9.99. I love those “Value Priced” games. Most of them aren’t that great, but I get my $9.99 worth of entertainment out of them ($9.99 is cheaper than a movie in LA nowadays). I came across EverQuest 2 for $19.99. They had a ton of these things. Some poor purchasing manager probably over estimated the popularity of these things.

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7 thoughts on “EverQuest 2 Anyone?”

  1. Just because WoW has 2 million players doesn’t mean that EQ2 isn’t also successful. I think that some people have lost perspective because of WoW.

    Having stock in a game, especially after a price drop is not something unusual or uncommon.

  2. I’m pretty sure that the expectation for EQ2 sales was higher than the reality is. EQ2 is doing just fine, but I’m sure that sales are disappointing. There has always been a ton of their boxes on the shelves in stores around me, right from the very beginning. Discounts on them started within the first week.

  3. Comparatively disappointing yes, but its not like they aren’t making money hand over fist on it.

    Around me the way they do it is to have only one box and they go to the back to get your game when you ask for it. EQ2 was still at full price when I purchased WoW about a month and a half ago.

  4. and just because eq2 is succesful doesn’t mean it doesn’t lick ass. plenty of people bought it just based off of their eq1 experiences in joy(*points to self*) and ended up being very dissapointed. horrible abortion of what should be fun.

  5. “[L]ick ass” is definitely a eloquent way to put it. I would suggest that some people truely like it and it has a very sound fan base. There are many different aspects of the game to be fond of:

    1. Instanced zones, much like WoW but even more complicated.
    2. Almost constant updates. Not just patches but real constant content updates.
    3. An incredible guild system. Where being in a guild actually means something and people need to prove themselves to get into a guild.

    In my opinion out of the major fantasy MMO’s (FFXI, WoW, EQ2) I dont believe that any of them “lick ass” some just have certain qualities that appeals to certain people more.

  6. I actually like EQ2 a lot when I first played it. It definately had a more old school RPG feeling to it than WoW which is kind of cartoony. However I’m the kind of guy that loves playing games for about a week before getting bored and moving on to the next thing. Your game has to be really special to keep me playing longer than that. While I hear EQ2 is probably much more fun later on, nothing about the early levels made me want to keep playing. In WoW, tooltips help you begin your adventures and most people hit level 10 by the first day. EQ2 felt slower, with the tutorial plus you had long stretches of recorded dialogue to listen to. Maybe it is some sort of social commentary about American attention spans that EQ2 isn’t doing that well, but most people I know (which isn’t that many, as I’m sure there’s lots out there that prefer EQ2 to WoW) are put off by EQ2 while WoW seems to have drawn in a lot of MMO newbies.

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