EVE: A Pirate’s Paradise….

Well, normally I think CCP is one of, if not the best devs in MMO history, the customer service is great, the server is reletively lag-free, and the patches dont take forever to download and best of all, I’ve never been stuck in a server que, ever. In adverse to WoW where there have been server downings, que’s, and just no way to get on. CCP has always made me glad to be onboard, but there is an aspect of the game that sets me over the edge.

1. The GMs (much like UO) are extremely evil and sedistic most of the time. Hell, most of them ARE pirates, and they have been known to kill random innocent players in low sec with thier uber gimped faction ships and tech 2 mods, therefore having a ship about as powerful as 5 Battleships, which is obsurd. And they have the powers of a basic chatroom moderator, except they dont need to be limited to a chat window…no! Lets give them the ability to take away a players ability to type in private conversations, corp, local, and even send eve mails for set amounts of time for either A. being petitioned for disrupting a chat channel (which can sometimes be a false acusation) or B. because you slight them, although it is rare to run into a GM in person or in chat, it has happened and multiple people have complained. I myself was gagged my first week of EVE for “Not respecting the rights of members in the channel” which was basically me going into a chat and being a newb unaware that it was a roleplaying channel, and when my friend asked if anyone liked anime was told “anime, hmm the records have no history of that since 2010!” and then questioning the sanity of the roleplayer.

2. A new bookmark nerf, now CCP has kept nerfs and most things to a minimal if not beneficial degree (the missile nerf sounds like a good idea IMO) but they now want to nerf bookmarks which are essencially an ability to set up a quicker faster route to an asteroid, stargate, or station. Making the travel system in EVE semi-bearable. Now CCP is one of those companies that give the Pirates(PKers) ALL the love as far as nerfs, updates, and fixes with anything else. And they have been complaining that its too easy for an industrial ship or helpless mining craft to escape thier clutches with quickwarps(QW). So the devs are going to make all the pirates happy by proposing a way to make a quickwarp that worked one day, not work the next. However I can see one good reason for this and it is serverside loads from the people with thousands and thousands of bookmarks. Now, saying the QW make players invinceable is a load of bullcrap, it still takes large ships like battleships, battlecruisers, industrials, and even cruisers time to warp, and having to fly 15km in a slowass indie is possibly the most annoying thing you will ever do in EVE, hell in low sec we have to constantly take supplies to our POS in a .3 system, therefore meaning each time we carry millions of supplies through those systems to just keep the thing alive or even to get the products from it to sell, we will need to bring an escort with us, which might not work if they are in large ganging groups. Overall this idea is stupid.

3. Not being able to dock at a POS. I could go on for hours on this but I already have on everything else so I will spare you the pain…but… I REALLY WANT TO BE ABLE TO DOCK AT MY OWN STATION. I would think this would be standard issue. Considering a starbase is…well…a starbase, and its nothing more than a chore without that ability. Hell I would move out and live in low sec if I could dock with our POS, and yet CCP complains about trying to get people to go out in low sec. Well not being able to dock at a station and nerfing QW, the most essencial travel tools, aren’t going to help. For the first time i’m not liking the choice of CCP but still the game is great and I cant wait for the new Dreadnaught class ships to be released…for now…happy hunting you lucky pirates!


3 thoughts on “EVE: A Pirate’s Paradise….”

  1. XD sorry i made alot of spelling mistakes… it was late and i was really tired :(

  2. The obsession with pirate-lovin’ was what drove me away from Eve. It was simply not possible to continue on as a smallish corp and progress out into the dark and maintain a presence. With pirates camping choke-point systems, and loved to extreme by the admin organization, there was simply no way to achieve growth.

    I hate having to be a single member of a 500+ man corp in order to have enough support to have fun in the game. I despise it. So, while it was beautiful and enjoyable gameplay, it was murdered by the requirements to either suck pirate choad or be content with achieving very little.

  3. My biggest problem right now is that if they eliminate qw…the asshat pirate who logs on has the power over whether we get to get supplies to our POS..and that is something i will not stand for…

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