[EVE Online] Why are people so anal about the stupidest things? In my case, what ships you fly, what your bio says, and other meager little crap no one gives a flying F*ck about. I’m out hunting in 0.0 with my shiny new raven, and I warp to a field to see this guy in his appoc getting torn up by two HACs (heavy assault cruisers). They are both at 90km from me, perfect range for my cruise missiles. This other guy happens to be a member of my alliance (although neither of us knew that at that point, as it will show later…) so with cruise missiles in tow, I lock on and blast the Zealot HAC in a few seconds with my wrath cruise missiles, and the other, a sacrelige HAC warps out before I acquire target lock on him. Strangely enough the guy who I killed was a load more polite and respectful then my supposed ally who gave me one hell of a time…

He immediately locked me and said if I didn’t identify myself in 10 seconds he would shoot me, (from 80km ya thats gonna happen Mr Pulse lasers…) I told him who I was. He then says, “WHY ISN’T IT IN YOUR BIO!!?!?!?. I THOUGHT THIS ALLIANCE ONLY FLEW AMARR SHIPS!?!?!?” then threatened to kill me if I didn’t change my bio…WTF!!!!!!!!!!! I just saved your f*cking happyass from becoming spare loot, a little thank you and goodbye isn’t so hard to ask for is it? Apparantly so. My answer to him was 24 cruise missiles up his ass, I warped off and went home leaving him at 35% hull… some ally you are champ.


8 thoughts on “WTF?”

  1. I hate to tell ya Zxy but I went back to WoW. Tried hard to get somewhere and enjoy the game this time, and I did kind of get somewhere (maybe halfway to where I wanted), but when I bought Battlefield 2 I was up to 3 games, and my limit is 2. I had some fun but I feel like I didn’t really DO anything this time except acquire a decent amount of “shiney”. Now I’m up to 3 games again and will probably drop GemStone even though I love the game, that one is just too slow. Plus they’re giving me a hard time about restoring my old character because, and they’re right, it was partially my fault. I just don’t want to jump through the loops they want me to jump through to get him restored.

    Anyhow, 2 games: WoW (but down to 1 account for $$$ reasons) and Battlefield 2. Others got squeezed out. I’m such a restless gamer.

    If anyone wants to join a PvP server come to Archimonde. It’s a hardcore PvP server as all the old school PvPers from older games went there when WoW came out, but I’ll back ya up.

  2. The guy is obviously a moron who needs to learn how to read…. why look in the bio when it quite clearly states what alliance you are in next to your picture?

  3. I suspected as much, after checkbit left ethic went as well, couldnt expect everyone to stay, no worries :)

  4. I’m not playing much of anything right now, other than some testing anyway.

    Too much on my plate so I play the game I can do the most in the least amount of time and that is World of Warcraft. But still, not playing that much either.

  5. I’m having a ball in WoW again… I thing the break did me wonders. It really irks me that a game as good as EvE is so shitty b/c of the moronic inbred smacktard skullfucks that ruin it. I still am in awe at the fucktard:decent person ratio in EvE.

    I had so much fun there, but the ‘community’ drove me out. I can not stand being in a game where I am constantly having to worry that the next word out of a person’s mouth is going to be some river of perversion that my canoe can not navigate.

    And I still hate any game that has non-concenting PvP. I think that’s why I like WoW… I only PvP when -I- want to, and I dont have to deal with smallheads, I just throw up me DnD flag, and say screw the world….

  6. To me, the non-consenting pvp makes it interesting, and the level system in WoW makes fighting someone even so much as a few levels ahead of you pointless, in EVE i can still kill players who have a year of experience on me, so it appeals to me, as for the idiots, i moved to 0.0, if you act like an idiot there, you get shot like one, the 0.0 life is a wide contrast to the 1.0-.1 smacktard fest, in 0.0 you fuck around and you wont be living there much longer. which is why i left empire, sitting there in local talking smack to an idiot who cant even fly a cruiser yet, or uses an alt to thief, and calls you a noob forever just got too much on my nerves.

  7. -as an add on to that, 0.0 is much safer then it is made out to be, but if you go in allience space durning war, or if the allience is just hostile, then it is bad, but ive had a decent time working in providence, ive made loads more isk there then mining in empire with the constant threat of an ore-thief alt strolling along and picking up my work. pirates are non-existant in 0.0, there are way too many alliences to make a decent living as a pirate in 0.0, which is why they all dick around in .4-.1 :)

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