Guild Wars Millionaire

nw1[Guild Wars] NCsoft and ArenaNet’s Guild Wars Surpasses One Million Units Sold in North America and Europe;

Acclaimed Online Game Hits Milestone in Less than Five Months; Activations Show No Sign of Slowing as Holiday Season Approaches

I wonder how many of those 1,000,000 units sold are still being used.

– Ethic

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6 thoughts on “Guild Wars Millionaire”

  1. Well, not this one. The game was not bad at all, just shallow. I may still pop in from time to time, after all, no need to cancel an account.

    But nothing really to pull one back day to day like say, WoW…

  2. GW kind of came and went, at least from what I’ve seen in my eyes…I bet we’ll probably see some more about it when an expansion for it comes out.

  3. Diablo, redone by a company that cares less about its products. Neat idea, but now that it’s banned in China you can certainly expect its customer-base to slip.

  4. Without a monthly subscription, whether or not the accounts are being used is largely irrelevent. Arena and NCSoft already made all the money they can hope for until the expansion. If anything, it’s better for their bottom line if people stop playing until they have an expansion to purchase.

  5. Just so long as NCSoft doesn’t predict sales based on originals, but I bet that’s what they sell to their shareholders, hoping they won’t consider the recent actions in China banning gaming sessions longer than three hours and children from playing this kind of game.

    It’s hard to make money when the largest country (population) in the world just banned your game. :-/

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