Let’s see, my account for EVE Online just expired. I’ll reactivate it soon as there are some things I still want to do – like venture into 0.0 space. A friend of mine stopped by tonight and asked me to help walk him through City of Heroes a little bit since he just purchased it. Thus, I have reactivated my CoH account at least temporarily. If he gets into that I’ll probably keep my account active just to hang out with him since he is moving across country. World of Warcraft is still active but I think it runs out in the beginning of October. I’ve had some good fun there lately so I’ll probably have to reactivate that as well.

Will I really have three accounts active? That’s just nuts. I don’t have the time for three games.

– Ethic

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  1. I’m with you though, I’ve kept an account active a couple of times just to chat with friends who are a long way off.

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