The Road Forks.

FFXI[Final Fantasy XI] Well, I have completed and helped my static complete Chapter 2 of the Chains of Promathia. We are now working on The Road Forks. This is a quest that has a semi-branching story line and doesn’t have to be completed in order (even though it usually is because the story lines take place in San d’Oria and Windurst respectively). For the San d’Orian story line we had to defeat a relatively simple Marlboro-type mob then return to San d’Oria to complete the mission. For the Windurst branch we had to go to Attohwa Chasm and defeat a pretty simple named Antlion mob. The problem with this part is that we then had to go up the Parrademo Tor, which is a big mountain that we had to climb to finish the quest. It has these cliffs you have to walk along that you can easily fall off of and the path is often times blocked by gas escaping from fissures in the wall.

Anyway, I have now completed the hard parts of both of the quests and just need to talk to the NPC’s to finish the quest. Which is nice. Except the fact that I have to do it again for the rest of my CoP static.


4 thoughts on “The Road Forks.”

  1. “helped my static complete”

    What is a Static? First time I have heard that word used in relation to a game.

  2. In FFXI when you are required to group for experience points and alot of missions. For these you either make a pick-up group, just anyone that happens to be available, or you have a group of people you always go with. The group of people you always go with is a static (because the members are static^^)

  3. Yeah, it is a group of people that agree to play together all the time. Same people, same group, nothing changing – thus it is “static”.

  4. Well, not exactly play together all the time, but we will do all the missions together.

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