Some Star Trek Online News

[Star Trek Online] I havent been following the development of Star Trek Online for a while since new information was slow in coming. Anyways, I check it out today and find that they have redesigned their website. There are 2 concept pictures and a Shockwave Flash animation of what appears to be the engineering element of the game.

The first picture is of some characters. This is only concept art so things may change by the time the game launches, but it looks like they have redesigned the uniforms and the Starfleet logo/communicator. I like that the uniforms are different depending on your profession. This was done in the Kirk-era movies, but not on the TV shows since the lower budget for TV meant keeping everyone in the same uniform could save some money. I’m not sure I like that everyone seems to be wearing a utility belt though. It looks out of place on the medical character and really out of place on the conn guy. The flash animation reminds me of Bomb Squard on the Intellivision.

I don’t want to steal any copyrighted images so click here to see it for yourself.