coh[City of Heroes] One of the more annoying things in any game is that people who quit hang around the forums for weeks to complain. One standard way of dealing with this on the official boards is to retrict posting privleges to paying customers. We still complain incessantly, but most of us are busy playing rather than posting. Cryptic/NCSoft does this one better: if you cancel your account but still have time left, you cannot post during your remaining play time. (It does warn you of this at the appropriate screen, and you can wait and cancel your account just before your renewal date.)

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Ingenious!”

  1. Just remember to log out of the forums before unsubscribing. Right now, I can’t access the CoH forums at all, due to a bug with that. *shrug*

  2. In the brief time I played CoH I found the message boards to be the best I’ve ever encountered for a MMO. Granted, by only letting paying members post you are censoring people who may have had a justifiable reason for posting, but keeping out the trolls more than makes up for it. As a newbie who started way after the release, I found plenty of people who offered advice and told me to look them up in game. All this w/o pretending to be a girl!

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