error, Error, ERROR

wow[World of Warcraft] Again, Blizzard never ceases to amaze me how well they can completely screw over hundreds of thousands of paying customers.

Same routine as before. I was instructed to reinstall the game. I attempted that, now I’m stuck with an even more infuriating problem. The game will not install, I’ve tried everything blizzard suggests to do in the case of a CRC error, which is listed in the link below.

Hell I’ve even tried the rest of the crap they mention on that page, and it still comes to that same error on the last stretch of the last install CD. I’m pissed, I’m done, and if I can’t get this resolved in a few days, I’m canceling my account, I’ve had it up to the high end with Blizzards Fisher Price Patch network, not to mention the non existant CS team.



3 thoughts on “error, Error, ERROR”

  1. Was this from patching? I grab my patches from somewhere else like F13 or The Cesspit (links on the left). The Blizzard downloader is a shameful bit of work and they should spend a little money fixing one of the things they did worse than almost any other dev team.

  2. Finally got it to work… several spyware sweeps and disk scans later i got them to run off the CDs. then patched manually threw filefront. Now i need to go find all my addons again.

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