War Off. War On. War Off?

EVE[EVE Online] The cease fire is off. War is on again, with FIX claiming SA is at fault and SA claiming FIX is at fault. It’s hard for your average peon like me to really come to grips with what went down.

Now it looks like FIX is going to get more help and fight back. Sometimes I really like this aspect of EVE and yet other times it disgusts me to no end. Adults acting like children and children acting like adults. Who is telling the truth? Who isn’t? The politicians are gathering for a summit to see if peace can be worked out. In the meantime, we are on high alert for hostilities. I am avoiding all possible combat situations until we get an official word.

I really enjoy my corporation, Ars Caelestis, and I’m sticking with them. If the corp (by being part of the Huzzah Federation) is supporting SA then I’m supporting SA. I’ll trust in our leadership to make the right choices. The thing I like the most about ArsC is that they are dedicated to opening up some part of 0.0 to neutrals. That is a worthy goal to work for. Too many 0.0 alliances have a “not blue shoot it” rule in place, which means that if you aren’t a friend they will blow you out of the sky just for being there.

Just got this alliance update from the President of Huzzah Federation (HF):

… the membership feels that by further imposing humiliating terms on FIX who earned the respect to be treated graciously in their defeat in Catch was not honourable. To continue to push those terms against a unified south and west consisting of allies that want to see an end to the conflict and in fact FIX in Querilous and Catch in SA + Allies hands is to throw away a hard fought victory for no reason other than imposing unreasonable terms on FIX. Knowing the above the membership and the President urges the leadership of our ally SA to negotiate with FIX to in fact agree to the original terms and after discussion last night with various factions it is my belief that third parties in this conflict wish that to be the resolution also.

So it appears that now HF is encouraging Stain- Alliance (SA) to accept the original cease fire terms that had been agreed upon by FIX before some additional terms got tacked on afterwards. Stay tuned…

More news, this time from SirMolle of Evolution (Band of Brothers):

As of 16.00 today, SA went over the fence, and declared war on BoB and went into Delve unchallenged. Inisde Delve, SA engaged. The fleet they sent was wiped out.

Looks like SA has gone all-in with the war by attacking BoB. This leaves Huzzah in a sticky situation because we are not in agreement with this action and are thus not participating in a war between SA and BoB (so far). Hooboy.

I’d just like to say I am really proud of how ArsC and Huzzah have been handling this situation so far. Good job everyone, much respect.

– Ethic

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4 thoughts on “War Off. War On. War Off?”

  1. How well patroled is 0.0?

    I have only hit 0.7 space so far and really don’t interact with too many other players outside of the chat box.

    I want to get into a corp and I want to get into Fleet vs Fleet warfare ASAP. I want to experience all this war on/off stuff. I know I have a bit to skill up, but I am making progress :) I just want a copr to help define a roll for me to shoot for.

    I want to love EVE for its player driven content, but it just seems so far out of reach atm.

  2. Normally, 0.0 is pretty darned empty for the most part. Once you are in the area your corp/alliance controls you are relatively safe. I have not been shot at even one time so far, but I have also not been in a fleet battle.

    If you want into ArsC, I’d vouch for you (we have a 2 month vouching rule and I’m not there yet so probably worthless). Sounds like we may be getting ready for some pretty serious battles ahead. I bet you could be flying a tackler pretty quickly if you wanted to. Even just flying a frigate around and causing mayhem is worth something in a battle. Just make sure you can afford to keep buying clones. Ships, in general, are covered by the alliance if you get shot down.

    Send me an eve-mail in game if you are interested and I can get the ball rolling, or at least try.

  3. I’m probably going to come out as a forum troll, but I don’t know why Huzzah went into the thing with S-A in the first place. They’re known turn-coats and trigger happy kids… Your guy (I think it was Hans) is really handling a sticky situation very well. I really hope you guys pull out of this one, because fighting BoB is… well… unwise :)

  4. Hans is doing great so far, I’ll be writing a post about it soon.

    I don’t think you are trolling, it’s a valid question. I cannot answer it, as I am not privy to the details of why. I think the main goal was to get V2 and 5-N and that was accomplished. Peace.

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