Non-Agression Pact

EVE[EVE Online] The president of Huzzah Federation has been busy negotiating with the parties involved in the latest war down south. Let me refresh your memories so far: Stain- Alliance (SA) had been in a war against Firmus Ixion (FIX). The Huzzah Federation (HF) was helping SA in this war. My corporation, Ars Caelestis, is a part of HF.

Eventually, FIX surrendered and was presented with terms that they accepted. Something happened at this point to cause FIX to void the surrender and the alliance Band of Brothers (BoB) supported them in the decision. SA attacked BoB.

Huzzah made a statement that we did not agree with the aggressive actions taken buy SA. SA appears to be understanding of the stance we have taken and have agreed that we should stay out of this conflict and there would be no hard feelings. Therefore, FIX and BoB have Huzzah set as Non-Aggression Pact (NAP). It’s still like walking on eggshells, but so far we appear to have successfully withdrawn from these conflicts.

Our status against Exile corporation is uncertain. It all depends on what their reason was for declaring against Huzzah. If it was to support FIX, I would assume they will stop fighting us as well. If not, we will continue to fight them. They are a worthy opponent and they fight with dignity and respect.

We remain in 0.0 space and everyone feels strongly about staying here.

Official news coverage here. It’s not completely accurate, in that Huzzah has not closed it’s space to SA as reported there.

– Ethic

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8 thoughts on “Non-Agression Pact”

  1. Some exciting tales of space combat would really spice things up here. A good video with some ships exploding would be great too!

  2. As soon as I am actually in some combat, I will share. As for videos, I’ve seen several EVE in-game videos and I really don’t think they look good. I guess it is because most battles are viewed from a far away distance for strategic purposes. If I find a really good one, I’ll be happy to share a link.

    In the meantime, look through the videos at to get some examples.

  3. Good stuff… someday I hope to be part of this :P

    BTW Ethic the char creation guide you linked through ArsT had a big error in it. I posted about it on the stickied post.

    So if anyone is looking to start EVE make sure you read through this thread all the way before rolling.

    Doesn’t tell you to take Starship Captain at the end which puts you 5 days behind in skills that you need to train.

  4. Ethic, here’s what my FIX sources tell me it happened. S-A gave FIX acceptable terms for the Cease Fire to be in effect. 24 hours later Orc A (why this guy is S-A’s diplomat is beyond me) presented FIX with NEW terms. This time they were for FIX’s surrend, rather than the Cease Fire. They were ridiculous – FIX were not to use a Freighter while pulling out of FAT (?? I don’t get that either), FIX were to open Querious to S-A, with full roaming, docking and mining rights, and Zangief (one of FIX’s Bosses) was to have a duel with Orc A (o_O). You can probably see why they didn’t accept those terms.

    At this point BoB pitched in, as they want Querious secure and peaceful (being their back door and all). They basicly asked S-A to reconsider their terms. Noone hinted at any agression coming from BoB, but it was clear as day they would help FIX clear out Querious (mind you, not help them retake catch or attack S-A or whatever, just keep Querious in FIX’s hands, which they trust). At this point the only thing Orc A (S-A) had to do was to stop acting like a 5 year old and just let FIX pull out of Catch.

    What they did was go and attack the most dominant PvP force in the game in their home region. I mean, I respect having balls the size of coconuts as much as the next guy, but that’s plain stupid. At least we’ll get to see a mothership in action. I’m guessing BoB will drop with it in Stain some time this weekend. Should be fun :)

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