The Empire Strikes Back

EVE[EVE Online] I haven’t posted much about EVE Online recently due to the fact that I have been trying to relocate all my ships and equipment closer to our 0.0 station. It makes for a dull post, but it is the reality sometimes in EVE. Making a 30 jump trip in a industrial hauler filled with a few hundred ship equipment items. Then turn around and fly back in a shuttle to climb into my cruiser-class ship and make the trip again. B-O-R-I-N-G.

After my second return trip, I wanted to run some missions as I had not done any in a few weeks. All I had on hand was my Rifter, so I thought I’d try to find an agent handing out courier missions because I didn’t want to bother with any combat.

I remembered that my R&D agent needed some help from a while back so I decided to head there first (19 jumps). After finding the items she needed, I started looking for an agent nearby. I found a manufactuing agent in a system only 5 jumps away, perfect. Even had a positive rating towards me.

Once there, they asked me to deliver 288 units of some cloth to someone in another system, which took up 288 cubic meters of cargo space. My Rifter only has 130 available. Therefore, I purchased a Probe (frigate-class ship with plenty of cargo space) nearby and made my delivery. My profit was gone thanks to the ship purchase, but I will hopefully be able to use the Probe for all my future courier runs for this agent.

I plan to jumpclone out of this system, so I can return when I feel like running missions in Empire or when my R&D agent needs my assistance again.

In the meantime, I finished training my ORE mining barge and ice harvesting skills so I can now mine for ice in a medium-sized mining barge. That should help with the corporate mining ops.

– Ethic

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3 thoughts on “The Empire Strikes Back”

  1. If I…

    A) had a spare computer I could set up next to my main box, such that I could run EVE on it and poke it occasionally, and…

    B) EVE didn’t want $!5 a month

    I’d probably try it….

  2. I hear you.

    Still, I figure I get about 30 hours/month of entertainment out of EVE which is worth $15 in my book. I’ve paid a lot more for less, that’s for sure.

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