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EVE[EVE Online] I stopped by one of the agents I do odd jobs for last night to see if she had any work for me. She offered me a courier job that consisted of several parts. I was to deliver some cargo 5 systems away, where I would pick up some new cargo that needed to go another 5 systems away, but was in 0.4 space. 0.4 space is low security and you risk losing your ship/cargo/life just by entering. Add in the fact that we have an Empire war going on and a simple courier mission becomes a life or death situation.

I had 4 stations to visit in total, each with a drop-off and pick-up. One of the stations was low security, the rest were in Empire. My reward was to be 125,000 ISK and double that if I finished in 1 hour.

Off I went in my frigate-class Probe. With a tech II afterburner, I hoped to be able to outrun any pirates I might encounter. As I jump into each system, I scan local for bad guys while I am still cloaked from the gating process. If all is well, I hit the autopilot and my ship heads for the next system gate.

Checking the map for ships destroyed in the last hour, I see that one ship was blown apart in the 0.4 system I’m heading towards, and I’m flying with who-knows-what I have in my cargo hold (it was all in locked and secured containers). I check for pods destroyed and saw that it was zero. Looks pretty safe so in I went.

My heart is racing as I exit the gate into the system. Check local for enemies or even anyone suspicious. The area near the gate was clean, so I warped to the station. A quick swap of cargo and I was headed back out. Six people in the system, but nobody near me. I safely gate back out of the system.

I was lucky this time. The rest of my trip was uneventful as well, but too much chat between me and another pilot caused me to miss my bonus reward. Oh well, next time I’ll try to hustle a little more. I gained a large amount of reputation on this run, and the 125,000 ISK reward was my highest payout yet.

– Ethic

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  1. 1.0 down to 0.5 is generally safe. The rest is asking for trouble.

    Cut and paste from some wiki out there: Systems with a rating of 0.0 are completely lawless; 0.1 to 0.4 have absolutely no protection by CONCORD, the NPC law enforcement, but are covered by sentry guns at stargates and stations; 0.5 to 0.8 systems have moderate protection, with 0.9 and 1.0 systems being considered extremely secure.

  2. .4-.1 is where the pirates infest the chokepoints between empire and 0.0…. 0.0 in itself is much safer if you are friendly with the local alliance by a long shot..

  3. Ethic… know anything about the player-sponsered courier missions? They look like they pay out really well but I ahve heard that they are used to exploit and you can easily lose your collateral payment.

  4. Nickodeemus: Honestly I don’t. If anyone has any feedback on this feel free to share.

    Mathir: The blame is mine, you only answered my questions so feel free to point and laugh at my slow mission running style. T2 AB was faster, not sure if it really made any impact this time around but it’s an investment in the future.

  5. Nick: You set up a player mission by packaging up the item(s) to be transported in a sealed box, then set a destination, a colatteral payment, and a reward payment.

    The courier then accepts the mission, and in doing so, has to put up the colleteral (cash). He then gets the box and has to move it to the destination in the time specified. If he does so and delivers the box, you get the box at that destination, in your hangar, he gets his colleteral back, and is paid the reward you set.

    He can however, just open the box and keep the contents – in doing so, he foreits his collateral, which you get to keep, and obviously doesn’t get paid.

    Scamming mainly comes in two forms, the blatant, where the destination is either physically unreachable (Jobe space, etc), or so ridiculously far into 0.0 to be suicide in a ship that can carry the box. The other form is a box so enourmously huge that it just won’t fit in any ship at all, even Frieghters. Both are avoidable if you pay attention to the mission details.

    The main problem is that for the majority of jobs on offer, they just don’t pay what someone who could actualy carry the box’s time is worth – Industrial III-V or Frieghter pilots, for example. More could be earned by working NPC trade-good routes instead for the same time spent. Box size and number of jumps is the key.

  6. “0.5 to 0.8 systems have moderate protection, with 0.9 and 1.0 systems being considered extremely secure. ”

    0.5 and up are ALL covered by CONCORD and thus very secure.
    0.9 and 1.0 I don’t think have NPC pirates in the belts.

  7. I think 0.9 has NPC pirates. I feel pretty darned safe in all of 0.5 to 1.0 as long as my corp is not at war. I would not concern myself too much about those systems. For a new player, the most important thing is to stay out of 0.0 to 0.4 systems for a while.

  8. Don’t forget about the suicide ships in empire (even in 1.0 systems) that can blow you up and have another player sitting there waiting to scoop the contents of your ship after you blow up.

    There have been reports of people using Ravens to blow up ships (and then of course they instantly get blown up by concord) but if they scan your cargo and see that your cargo is valuable enough they might take the chance.

  9. “For a new player, the most important thing is to stay out of 0.0 to 0.4 systems for a while.”

    Well I’ve been in and out of 0.3 a dozen times now… soooo guess I’m tempting fate? I forget the name, but I usually always stop at a belt to fill up the hold with some golden omber (sp?). I usually get attacked by some sort of Serpentitis Ship that owns me, but I always can warp out no problem.

  10. Well I’ve yet to be shot at, and I’ve been in lots of 0.0 to 0.4 systems. I consider myself lucky though, there are plenty of players out there that will shoot anything that moves. If you can afford to replace your ship and re-buy a clone then I guess you can feel free to explore without concern.

  11. 0.9 does not have rats in belt. I used to AFK mine in 0.9 systems (still would if I wasn’t too lazy to be a lazy miner X) ).
    Back before they had a system for clone jumping you used to clone jump by suiciding. Well being me I thought “Frak that” and just set a shuttle to AFK from 0.0 to empire while I did other stuff. I made it back to empire unmolested many times and the few time I got podded I thanked the guy for helping out.
    Incidently I lost a ship to 0.4 NPC gate spawn while AFKing my indie to go pick up some minerals once…..that was not a fun experience :(

  12. I have not lost a ship yet either, but did come close in one of my early missions. You should have been accepted into the corp, check your corp page for an offer. Once in the corp, you can ask questions in the corp channel regarding more fun things to do.

    Not being sure what to do in EVE happens to me once and a while, but sooner or later I get back into the swing of things. I use those other times to do something outside of EVE. Now that I’m pretty much permanently out in 0.0 it seems there is always something to be done.

  13. It’s interesting to hear the other side of the coin, I belong to the Imperial Republic of the North alliance (Ie. IRON), and it is quite fine IMO to be in a 0.0 alliance. For those less experienced players getting taken under the wing of a 0.0 alliance, or corporation is very rewarding. It also can be very dangerus because of alliance politics and generally nasty alliances who’s primary goal is to harass solo miners and anyone that isn’t running with any decent sized fleet.

    Our corps primary concern in 0.0 is to defend our space from hostile invaders (some of these alliances we have had long standing hostilites with, IE. BoB, The 5, and even FIX.) and to generally have an enjoyable time in fleet battles. I have flown with many many fleets and fighting in a 50 to 100 man fleet battle is the reason I play EVE. The white knuckle adrenaline feeling you get when engaging in combat is why most of us are together. Of course the life of a combat pilot is rife with ship losses, so we also need to be able to recompense battleship losses fairly quickly (I have personally lost over 35 ships in fleet battles just to give you an idea of how many fights I’ve been in). The iskies opportunities in 0.0 are absolutley phenomenal. Most of the rat spawns are worth quite a bit of isk if you’re into rat killing, and I can make 100 million in a night of mining the rare ours in our alliances space.

    If you are still in high sec, and are afraid of 0.0, don’t be. Check the recruitment channels and see if you can hook up with a 0.0 corp. The possibilites of what roles you can fill are endless. Just remember, if your alliance or corp decides to invade another alliances space for combat or whatever, try to lay off the warp core stabs and lay on the guns. And just have fun!

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