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EVE[EVE Online] The R&D agent I have been using for the last month or two was cranking out a massive 4 research points per day. The research points (RP) are like tickets to a lottery. If you win, you get a nice BPO which can often make you rich. I think I was up to around 200 points counting the few missions I ran for her.

I found another R&D agent closer to my latest mission area and he has a better rating towards me. I had to buy a new skill (4 million ISK!) to get him as my new R&D agent, but he is now giving me 36 RP per day. I had no idea how badly the other agent was screwing me over. Perhaps 36 per day isn’t that great either, but it certainly beats 4.

If I win the lottery through this guy, I may have to start up a savings and loan. I’d be loaded.

Regardless, with the next-gen R&D changes coming up in KALI, I don’t have any idea if this will even matter by then.

P.S. send ISK, I’m running out! Heh.

– Ethic

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  1. I’m told my odds of winning this lottery is something along the lines of infinity to 1. In other words, get an R&D agent and then forget all about it because you ain’t gonna win anything. But changes to the system are coming and we don’t know what that will mean.

  2. This is a hot topic for one of my buddies, the changes to R&D that is. As for me….well Im just too damn lazy to do the laziest thing in EvE.
    I swear Ill get a reaserch agent… some point :)

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