EVE[EVE Online] I’m going through one of those times in EVE where not being guided by the game leaves me lost. I’ve got some things I want to do out in 0.0 space but I don’t have the money to do it. Every thing that I do in 0.0 is not earning me any money. Therefore I am running out.

I just end up sitting in a station looking at my skills and chatting with corp members. Last night I logged in too late to join a group of people doing a patrol. I just sat there and listened to the action over the voice comm. I bought a skill and trained it to level 1 during this process. That took 40 minutes. Yawn.

Then I fired off a longer skill and went to bed. Spent some time thinking that perhaps I’m not ready for 0.0 yet. You’d think with over 6 million skill points I should be fine out there. When the game leaves the objectives up to me, I sometimes fall short.

UPDATE: My corp just announced an aggressive plan that really changes the whole outlook of the game for me. This has got me very excited about playing EVE.

Since it has been posted in a public forum now, I guess I can share it here too:

To help promote PvP combat and defend our areas of space, Ars Caelestis has implented a new policy for it’s corp members.

The corporation will now:
1.) Provide corp pilots in 0.0 space FREE fully-insured ships.
2.) Provide corp pilots in 0.0 space FREE fittings for said ships.

– Ethic

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7 thoughts on “Lost”

  1. without the note you now have the reason every self respecting 0.0 player has an Empire carebear alt…..who pays for the PvPers life style
    They are easy to train up and can do quite well earning you the ISKies

  2. I downloaded EVE and got myself a 14-day trial account the other day (avoiding some WoW guild drama), and I’m actually having some of the same problem. I like a lot of what I’m doing, but, really, I’m just sitting on learning Instant Recall / Analytical Mind / Learning and running my Slasher around blowing up ‘rats. I’m not sure if I should be doing something else or even if skilling up leads to something more / better. :/

  3. It comes and goes. However, these downtimes keep getting fewer and farther between and the good stuff keeps getting better. There was a few times I thought about quitting this game but I’m glad I didn’t because the fun has picked up dramatically once I got into this corp and started playing in 0.0 space. I hated PvP in every game I’ve played and 0.0 space is all about PvP. That tells you how much fun it actually is out there.

  4. Well I’m stuck in the rut, but mainly because of my 6 day internet problems and the fact I still don’t have anything “fun” to do in EVE. I am so bored with missions and so forth :P

    I understand there is a time when I will need ISKies to advance, but until then I’m just logging in to set skills and chat a bit.

  5. H: You should have been made an offer by the corp, check and see. It’s in the corp section, button on the left while docked.

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