Apology…and why RL can be a pain.

I feel obligated to write an apology to Ethic and everyone else here, Lately, I haven’t been active at all due to my own laziness, and within the last 3 weeks, being unable to be on at all, (RL 4tw)

Whether or not I will continue to write for KTR is up to Ethic at this point, I’m making an effort now to try to write more often as I seem to have put my life back together, I’ll see you all in game, as for now, I have some rats to kill.


8 thoughts on “Apology…and why RL can be a pain.”

  1. No problem, I’ve got a lot going on right now too. Just take care and keep in touch. When you have something to post, you will still be able to – no worries.

  2. RL has been hitting all of us hard as of late….

    so here is the plan, Heart I need you to tackle RL at 17km with the 2 point scram, Ethic and Zxy you guys drone blob and eccm RL, Ill hit em hard with the cruis miskles on my stealth bomber from 150km…..

    ready, BREAK…

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