…and your little rider too

Vrazuden the Herald is a wimp, but his pet dragon Nazan kicked my tattoed blue hiney all over the place. There’s a reason you want his head and not Vrazuden’s.

Vraz & Naz 9 : Oz 0

Maybe he’s not intended to be smushed by level 60’s in a smattering of tier 1. Soon he will die though. Oh yes.

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9 thoughts on “…and your little rider too”

  1. If you do not have a decently equipped group, have your tank whip out the ‘ole MC fire resist gear, charge in, turn the drgon away from the raid, and eat the fire breaths while being healed from behing the dragon.

    Then just DPS him down.

    Fire Resist is your friend if you tank has less than 7500 HP.

  2. Ya, that was actually what we were considering. My guild was progressing through MC when the expansion hit. We’re not on the bleeding edge of anything, but I’m more than happy with that (99% of the guild has a life outside of the game), so most of us has the FR gear all lying around still.

    What we couldn’t seem to get was if it was best to dps both at the same time, or burn rider then dragon. One time we actually had rider to 10% before dragon came down, and dragon was at the same rate. However, he landed and we were all right in front of him.

    For a few seconds, anyway.

    At least the deaths are meaningless. In EQ, I’d have said screw this, the exp loss is killing me. But here, it’s a 1g repair bill (my gear was totally red! but 1g! ahahahaha), and 30 sec CR run. I still turned a 10g profit last night.

  3. You can actually kill the Dragon while he is in the air if you have enough ranged DPS with you.

    Other than that the best way is to do as Cyndre said and have the tank eat the fire when he comes down.

  4. We’ve gotten him a couple times at least… and we kill the rider then the dragon, where the tank starts positioning to pick up the dragon when the rider’s down to 20% or so, and we burn him down. But the tank needs good FR gear…. we’re MC geared, so that helps.

    Check the AH for ‘Fire Protection’ items. Yummy STA and FR.

  5. We smacked him down hard the night I posted this. We range damaged the dragon with everyone while the tank stayed on rider. When rider hit 50% and dragon landed, tank snagged agro and we killed dragon and rider about 10 seconds later.

    Went on to do Blood Furnace right after. That place is awesome looking, and has two, well thought out, original events. The tons of pally loot was disappointing, but the second boss was by far the most fun boss I can remember. Fun as in crazy intense. Big props to my guild group. We had one death it, and that was from one person standing in the poison looting the boss, heh. The final boss there was easy if you fight him in his own room. In the hall is too much of a pain.

  6. Seems i’m not the only one who died against him then…

    Actually i didn’t expect I had to kill the dragon too and when Vazruden fell down i said “Yahooooo!!! done :)”…. then the dragon lands on me and casted a huge fireball that destroyed me and other two guys of the party leaving semi-alive only the tank and the warlock with the felguard.

    No need to say how it finished right ^^?

  7. Yeah its funny but the bosses in the Ramparts are actually much harder then the bosses in the higher level Blood Furnace. The Hellreaver from Vazruden is so worth it though.

  8. I’m MT for a Naxx level raiding guild, so our guild groups generally have the firepower and staying power to kick Nazan around.

    He still kills me as often as he doesn’t. His damage output is above that of the rest of the instance, even the other bosses, by a crazy amount. I can’t imagine trying to do this guy at 61 with a bunch of greens, he’d just bite your head off and spit fire down your neck.

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