Stay on target…

Something is happening here, but I’m not quite sure what.

Update for background: Red 5 Studios creates leading, next-generation, massively multiplayer games. Our mission is simple: we want to make the best online games possible and have fun doing it. Red 5 Studios is led by key creative and executive talent behind the most successful MMO to date, World of Warcraft®. Our team represents years of successful, AAA game development on projects such as Warcraft®, Diablo®, Starcraft®, and Ultima Online®.

Red 5 Studios believes that online gaming will be the dominant form of gaming in the future. We are dedicated to creating incredible, immersive game worlds based on original stories and characters that bring together millions of gamers worldwide.

UPDATE: An anonymous reader sent me a photo of a special customized iPod that Red5 is sending out to potential new employees. The box it comes in has this message: “Red 5 Studios invites you to listen to track one and join us at”. They are on some sort of recruiting blitz, trying to nab devs from elsewhere. Included with the iPod is a personal web link tailored to the recruit, with details about the job they are hoping the recruit would be interested and background on the company. No details on the game they are working on, sadly. To the reader that sent me the image: thanks!

One more photo.

Senzee 5: Red 5’s Pitch

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9 thoughts on “Stay on target…”

  1. I thought they were just an art outsourcer. Are they building a game? Or have something going into test?

  2. Some of the hints they seem to be dropping:

    1. Darkness – All is not lost… (from maybe “The Pit and the Pendulum” ?)

    2. All these worlds are yours, except Europa. Attempt no landings there. (from “2010”)

  3. Seems they manage to get 18.5$ million in funding back in December, as per this TechCrunch article.

    If anyone can come close to WOW, these guys would be the one. They got the experience, knowledge and guts to broaden the playing field.

    To keep an eye on.

  4. We are watching…

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    #define __ENOUGH_FUN_H__
    while( ;?-] == [outerspace smileyface] )
    curiosity++; // TODO: C++ some fun for us!

    PS: Compiler Error or Programmer Humor?

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