Gamer’s Day

My family took my Mom out for dinner on Mother’s Day. My Mom, my wife and our kids, my brother, my older sister and her kids and my younger sister with her son all gathered to celebrate motherhood in the best way possible – eating food and not making Mom cook or do dishes afterwards.

We met at a nice steakhouse and the meal was fantastic. The conversation was pleasant and typical. Until the nerd-fest broke loose.

The kids all gathered around playing games as they each had a Nintendo DS. My wife and my brother started discussing World of Warcraft and the differences between high level raiding and casual play. My sisters broke into some rants about various quests available in ToonTown.

And there was me was trying to explain to anyone that would listen how much fun it is to prance through the Shire playing tunes on a lute, trying to demoralize the local wildlife so they quit biting me or performing a happy little song to cheer my fellowship up in The Lord of the Rings Online.

Five years ago, each and every one of them (other than my brother of course) would stare at me like I was speaking in a foreign language. Mom was still presenting this stare so I was at least comforted by that.

The world is changing my friends.

– Ethic

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2 thoughts on “Gamer’s Day”

  1. Sounds like a nice family :)

    Only gamer in my family is my dad who plays Civilisation. We make up for it though by being extra geeky and talk about java programming, making my mother feel left out. My sisters just ignore us.

  2. I can imagine the look from your mother. It’s good that some things don’t change. :)

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