A Request to Our Blogroll

If you sell or otherwise lose your URL to one of those “news aggregation” sites that steals everyone’s content and re-posts it, with ads of course, please drop us an e-mail so that we can remove your former site from the blogroll.

Thank you.

5 thoughts on “A Request to Our Blogroll”

  1. What if we don’t sell or lose our URL to one of the “news aggregation” sites and would like to have our URL placed on your blogroll?

  2. Dude… how come you’re not making him wear that Princess Leia outfit to get in the blogroll, like you did to me?

  3. I’d love to see my site added to your list as well, and will do the same. I can’t make any guarantees about the Princess Leia outfit though, did that once and swore it’d be the last time.

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