Woo! My guys won!

Well, they’re not technically “my guys”; we don’t shower together and I don’t run with that crew, but I like their work a lot.

Yup, I just found out -late- that Andromeda Software Development (ASD) had just gone and won first place on Assembly ’07 with their “Lifeforce” production. So, well-deserved kudos, and you’ll understand why once you download and run that prod: Masterful use of layers and transitions, with a nice thematic thread all through it to boot, as usual with these guys.

Yes, I’ve been a demoscene nut for a long, long time now. And this has very little to do with gaming per se, but “Lifeforce” is one of those things you just have to share with the masses. If you’re still lost about all this, why, you just need to click on the conveniently placed “read more” link thingie below. Like this:

Useful links if you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about.

Demoscene. What is it: Here.

Assembly: Link all the way from Helsinki.

“My guys” from ASD: Right here, and Greece represents.

Pouet.net, where you can download all this jawesome stuff: Yup, here.

Groups that do amazing stuff: All. But in particular, you can check my favorites – ASD, Farbrausch , Haujobb and Fairlight.

Bonus. This is what they can do if you give them 64k. And this, if you give them 4k.

That’s all. No more links, because I’d be here linking you stuff all day. Enjoy. Return to your normal programming.