Decapitation Good, Nipples Bad

It’s official: Virtual gore, decapitation, dismemberment, and over-the-top type fatalities are fine in the USA.

Virtual nipples are bad.

Thanks to Broken Toys for the heads up.

UPDATE: Funcom made a mistake. Nipples are included in the USA version. Full blood! Full fatalities! Breasts with nipples! Crom be praised! Not full nudity! Oh well.

– Ethic

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7 thoughts on “Decapitation Good, Nipples Bad”

  1. Why are video games held to a different standard than movies? A bare female chest would earn a movie a PC-13 or AA rating in North America, and around a 7+ to 11+ in Europe, not NC-17 or XXX. Is this, once again, based on the flawed notion that only small boys play video games and we need to protect them from the female form?

    Wait, it only says “nipples”. What about *male* nipples? A Conan game without bare pectorals would be… um, highly odd indeed. Yet, a game that discriminates based on gender – isn’t that highly sexist? Are we *really* okay with our young daughters’ sexuality being screwed up by this incessant exposure of male glands?

    Think of the children! Put a wifebeater on Conan!

  2. The cows in Asheron’s Call totally had udders. Remember kids, Lady Liberty hates human sex but is fine if bestiality turns you on.

    Update: nipples for everyone, including the cows!

  3. Shacknews is now reporting that Funcom made a mistake. Nipples should indeed be included in the USA version.

    Crom be praised!

  4. Makes me think the ESRB didn’t see the naked women in Conan on the PS3/360 or in God of War… whoops. Guess they’re not doing their job too well, eh? :)

  5. Crom doesn’t want your praise! If you praise him he’ll probably smite you for your weakness!

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