Know Your Gold-Selling Sites

Warhammer’s gold-spammer reporting tool has an odd feature in that it requires you to read the message and know the site that is spamming you. Mythic is making sure you have read and typed the site URL. I know of nothing that the spammers could want more.

: Zubon

11 thoughts on “Know Your Gold-Selling Sites”

  1. Eh. Not that I could recall them with enough accuracy to get a website. One thing I noticed was that the same guy was advertising for six sites, and still doing so after nine appeals.

  2. Try CoX, right-click on the name and gone … no additional crud required. They anyway need to do a quick manual check before banning accounts (I hope), so I guess a copy of the message is attached to the report, which in turn makes me wonder why you have to type an URL in WAR or anything similar in WOW.

  3. Same with LOTRO, right click and report as gold spammer, and auto ignores.

    Mythic seems awfully stupid on this front. I, as a paying customer, am not going to waste my time to save theirs.

  4. So far, all of Mythic’s strategies to stop / slow gold sellers have been just plain awful. I can understand Mythic’s desire to slap them down a bit, but honestly they seem to be doing it for their own satisfaction rather than to the benefit of their customers.

    I just want these sellers & spammers to go away, quietly. I don’t want a bunch of fuss over it and have them given more attention than they deserve. Just automatically filter out mass-tells, how hard can that be?

  5. SWG has specially appointed and anonymous player “wardens” who have the ability to completely silence another player in all chat channels and /tells for 60 mins. Every time this ability is used a GM ticket is automatically generated so the incident can be investigated.

    Stops the spammers cold.

  6. Re:SWG- that’s an awesome idea. I’m sure that there are some related problems, but as long as it’s investigated, it seems like a win.

  7. It would almost make sense to think that they would use the website address to auto filter out the tells. Why we would have to type that in, instead I’d them pulling it from their own chat logs is beyond laZy. I hate it when companies expect their customers to fix their own shortcomings.

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