My LoTRO Book 7 Experience So Far

Arrive home last night, hang with family. Family goes to sleep, dad sneaks online. 20 minute queue.

Queue does its thing, log in. My character is missing a Second Age book he had looted before I logged off on Sunday night (I travel during the week on business) in a group and that I was deliriously happy to win. Petition launched.

Wander in Lothlorien, very pretty, and very simple quests. Impressed. Atmosphere seems perfect for what type of zone it should be.

GM contacts me out of the blue with the comment “I’m sorry, we cannot replace Legendary items”. When I ask why, or for any details, tells me it is policy, then sends me their cut-and-paste closure message (“Have a great day in Middle Earth!”).

No longer impressed. Migraine. Log out.

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5 thoughts on “My LoTRO Book 7 Experience So Far”

  1. Yup.

    And I’ve dealt with the GMs before and found them to be perfectly nice people. It’s funny, but it is one of the very very very few things that has changed in MMORPGs over the years – customer service. Back in the day, I was a Guide in EQ. I seriously loved the job, and was constantly in trouble for helping people. I would rescue peoples’ corpses and help them get lost items back, which was against the policy. When I left EQ after 7 long years and went to WoW, I wouldn’t have even considered petitioning; after allI knew better.

    However, I had a quest that would not complete, and so I ventured it. I got an amazingly prompt, complete, and polite response. I’ve had one in every game since, and had no issues. This one…not sure. I’m not going to go off and say “I quit!” because eh, I’m not. I like the game, I like my Kin, and an item is just an item. But it is very poor customer service, and shouldn’t be allowed.

  2. Well that’s a more direct kick in the crotch than most of us have had with Book Seven. Watch out for the less direct ones, like invisible spiders, next time you play.

  3. @Zubon: Heh, don’t get me started on invisible spiders. Back when I played WoW there was one in Duskwallow Marsh which would persistently attack me whenever I tried following the zone south. Never found the blighter, and just stopped questing in that area so I didn’t have to deal with it.

  4. Sorry bud, that reminds me of just about every Gm chat I’ve had in any MMO ever. “Sorry but we can’t resolve this for you, even though you earned it, that would be cheating. P.s. we are too lazy to check our database record to see if you are telling the truth.

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