Borderlands Theme: No Heaven

Game review tomorrow, but today let’s answer the burning question: what is the song in the gameplay trailer and the final credits? That is No Heaven from DJ Champion. The MP3 is for sale at the usual places, which is probably the way to go as Amazon lists the full CD as a relatively expensive import.

: Zubon

6 thoughts on “Borderlands Theme: No Heaven”

  1. I am absolutely loving Borderlands. It nails the balance between shooter skills and RPG character growth. And the loot – I don’t feel overpowered – quests labeled ‘tough’ are that, until you level up enough to make the mobs less challenging or find a more powerful gun.

    The menu system is driving me nucking futz though. From the title screen that you can only exit by physically hitting the ENTER key, to the lack of shortcut keys for such things as your inventory or quest log, or just buying all the ammo you need instead of 1 clip at a time, its a big F.Y. to us PC users.

    1. I for inventory and L for quest log.

      Though the overall theme of anti-consideration for PC users is a big dick in the eye from this otherwise marvelous game, I agree. LOLGAMESPY >:

  2. If you like the song in the trailer you’ll dig the rest of the disc. IMO it’s worth picking up if you can find it at a record shop locally.

    Side note, I laughed at the “werd i tried fallout it was way to complicated and boring but this games f*cking great.” comment on that video.

  3. If you like ‘No Heaven’ you really should check out more of (DJ) Champion’s stuff. He’s a great indie Canadian artist, and I’ve loved his work since I first ran into it a couple years ago.

    You can listen to full versions of more of his work here:

    I particularly recommend “Alive Again”.

  4. @coppertopper

    L for quest log.
    M for map.

    However, sometime they don’t work :P

    Borderlands for the PC does have some major UI flaws. Its a game that is “close” to being great, but it misses in each category. Still a fun game though :)

  5. If I could make ‘e’ ONLY “use” instead of auto-equip and reload as well, I would be a magnitude happier. Regardless, I am level 25 or so and enjoying lighting things on fire/lightning. Looking forward to the review.

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