Three Guild Wars Things

Mondes Persistants was able to interview the Guild Wars Live Team, and there are some pretty interesting answers (HT: Fril Estelin @ Guild Wars Guru) .  The most interesting answer to a pretty common question regarding future content additions / events was:

Yes, we have a lot of ideas on our minds, probably more than we will be able to implement. We love the game and always try to come up with new things we hope players will enjoy. Who knows, maybe players will bear witness to some of the cataclysmic events that transform Tyria prior to Guild Wars 2?

ArenaNet keeps mildly hinting at using Guild Wars as a platform to introduce some Guild Wars 2 lore, but that is an overly candid response to an easily shunted question.  We know that skill balance is a top priority, but we haven’t heard anything about upcoming features or content. Hopefully after the dust from the skill balances clears, the Live Team can preview what else they are working on.

The second is that the popular Guild Wars fansite Guild Wars Guru was hacked, and the hacker was able to obtain some personal information.  Read about it here, but the bottom line is to change your passwords to Guild Wars Guru and Guild Wars 2 Guru (and Auction Site).  I would also watch any other sites / games where you combo your email, username, and/or current Guru password.

The third is I have to say with one of my last controversial posts on Guild Wars, I had the weirdest pingback ever.  We are breaking grounds with the MMO genre people! (And go River Rats!)

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  1. Appreciate you helping get the word out about Guru, Rav.

    We’ve had a sucky couple of days dealing with the breach, but we’ve patched up the hole and have increased security already. It’s been uplifting to see an incredibly reasonable and understanding reaction to the event, and we really hugely appreciate that.

    If anyone here has signed up on GuildWarsGuru or GuildWars2Guru at some point I would advise them to read the whole announcement Rav linked above. If you have any further questions that aren’t answered in the thread feel free to post them there or message me directly.

    – JR

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