7 thoughts on “Computer Problems”

  1. I liked this one too. Although you are proving the point they make at xkcdsucks.blogspot.com that if you don’t like the strip, “just don’t read it” isn’t an option. You’ll always run into someone passing it on.

    1. “I apologize for not living my life according to the preferences of some angry people on the internet who I’ve never heard of”?

        1. And thus we have the comment from wowsucks.blogspot.com, where you might say “just don’t play it,” but people keep posting about it everywhere. He has a sister site, toboldsucks.blogspot.com, with a similar problem, as has Tobold’s competing site at syncainesucks.blogspot.com.

          So much hate out there.

  2. You don’t have to read it when other people link it either. It isn’t as though it looks exactly the same as your favourite comic that you always read on every blog site you go on.

    I mean oh god someone forced me to read a comic that I find slightly unfunny.

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