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The developer diary for the new upcoming LotRO instances fails to name or discuss the upcoming instances. It is almost entirely about loot and barter token drops.

Okay, how does it advertise the barter token drops? “[T]he costs for barter currency have been inflated significantly,” and that new currency is available on from quests that “reset just as though they were on the twice-a-week raid reset timer.”

The makers of Rift quake at launching in the face of such competition.

: Zubon

10 thoughts on “An Unusual Advertisement”

  1. I have been having so much fun in Rift lately that I probably won’t go back to LOTRO for the new dungeons. But I will go back for Isengard in the distant future.

  2. I got my hopes up for a split second that Monster Play was going to be expanding from the Ettenmoors soon… Alas, our wait continues.

  3. Yeah, RIFT has been making it awful hard to motivate and log into LotRO recently – about the only thing that does it are the queues during peak hours.

    I have to say, extending the grind (radiance-based or not) by forcing players to play “Turbine’s way” is really not a selling point.

  4. Right now choosing between LOTRO and Rift is like choosing to get a root canal or bang a supermodel.

    And LOTRO is free even.

  5. I am levelling a Warden in LOTRO and I am not playing Rift. Yeah, really. I am having fun, believe me. :)

    But this does not require new instances, I am more excited about some changes to milestones and the legendary item system.

    It is an update, with quite some changes, but it can’t compare to a very well done new game for sure.

    I just read the dev diary before posting this. It contained some information, but I have read more exciting summaries of Bullroarer changes. When someone in LOTRO starts talking about barter tokens or the barter token system it is indeed something akin to a root canal.

    1. Well I tend to exaggerate, so when I say this mattress is 60 feet long I actually mean it’s 3 feet long.

  6. Desingers have gone insane. “This time around our meta-deed reward is visually distinct from other rewards we’ve given in the past.” I remember playing games and having fun. Now designers want us to achieve “meta-deeds.”

    Going back to boardgames, where there’s an actual game.

  7. Heh. Dev diary, turns out- is written by a dev, i.e. a nerd. ;P That’s just what ya get. I’m eager to see the new dungeons because LotRO dungeons are always awesome.

    Whatever mechanics they put behind the loot (there have been ok and there have been horrible) I’m really more anxiously awaiting a day they just do a consistency wipe across all the dungeons and reputation systems.

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