[GW] GuildMag Issue #6

Just wanted to put in a quick plug for the gang over at GuildMag. They just dropped Issue 6, and they interview me in it. I hope the answers turned out okay because they were done over IM, which is format I am not used to for answering questions. They are a great community hub for all things Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 so poke around their site as well.


6 thoughts on “[GW] GuildMag Issue #6”

  1. Finally someone got you to agree to an interview. I’ve been turned down for years. Now if only we could get Zubon to crack.

    P.S. Nice mag you folks put together there GuildMag!

  2. Great interview! I’m a big follower of KTR and I’m thinking about making a blog. Like you said in your interview, Ravious, it is a great creative outlet to talk about your favorite hobby and I think thats what I’ve been missing. I’ve already started up a wordpress account and I’m brainstorming what exactly I want to accomplish with this blog and what I need to do to get there. I don’t necessarily want notoriety (the killer of some blogs) but just want to get my ideas out there.

    Your interview gave me a great perspective on it all and I thank you for that!

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