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I do not know what it costs in these days of Turbine Points, but I received shared storage in LotRO as a part of the Siege of Mirkwood/Adventurer’s Pack deal of 2009. I may or may not have thrown some Turbine Points at expanding it, but I may if I notice a sale (otherwise: save for buying this fall’s expansion).

I had originally bought in-game housing for the shared chest, so this replaced my need for a house, and it was conveniently accessible from any vault. Upgrade! I only re-acquired housing this weekend, because I am willing to spend 1 gold plus 50 silver per week to give all my characters a convenient recall to Thorin’s Gate. The atmosphere in dwarf housing may not be the best, but it is the closest to town and a stable, and my new house is conveniently right next to the door. Upgrade!

shared storage After the 238th time of forgetting that I wanted to pass that [Drop of Amber Resin] to my Loremaster while muling, I used the new tabbed vault interface to set up what you see in the picture. Each character gets a tab (level/class indicated), and when I empty out a character’s pack of goods for alts, I just drop items on the appropriate tab. (You do not need to open each pack, just drag the item to the tab name.) 9 characters, 10 tabs, plus a main pack for unsorted items: no more forgetting items when switching characters.

This has been especially handy as I take advantage of tasks. My Warden has been gaining a level a day, so when I finish a quest hub, I dump the out-leveled vendor trash on a character who can redeem it for xp. (The same applies if I farm deeds or visit old dungeons.) I usually pass 5 to 10 tasks worth of excess vendor trash, plus change for when I play those alts again. It is not a lot of xp, but it works around the 5/day/character task limit, and the loss of silver means nothing when my level-capped character is sitting on enough gold to buy an entire neighborhood of housing.

: Zubon

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  1. Quite an ingenious way to maximize the gain from tasks for every alt.

    I only use the main shared storage box for everything. It is only 50 slots, after all. You are by far more organized, but I only have a main, one alt I am levelling and one alt who is a farmer. The others exist, but I don’t play them (yet).

    I thought about transferring stuff for tasks to my two alts, but I fail because of one thing: Tough, Blackened, Broken, xxx … Swordsheats. Plus tasks also fill my questlog, I often collect the stuff and THEN take the task before turning it in. Then 16-30-65 also is too much of a level difference, I rarely get stuff for my level 16 on my 30 anymore, and nothing for the 30 on my 65 char.

    I usually have task stuff in excess and turn the very same 1-2 tasks of a particular item in till I hit the 5 tasks a day max. Right now I hit level 30 and some items I kept are now useless for this char.

    The chars I play are 16 – 30 – 65, so I don’t have as much synergy as you have between Cap+Gua and Bur+War. I don’t think your Minstrel or Hunter get much stuff your Runekeeper can turn in for tasks?

    1. Really, I’m only playing the Warden and the Hunter. The Hunter gets nothing for tasks unless she deed-farms, in which case I might get several days’ worth of something. The Warden started at level 11 and has leveled past all those other characters, passing things along the way (and leveling a couple from tasks).

      The other big use with that many alts is crafting materials. I have someone for each trade skill, even if I have not capped them all.

  2. Great use of the new vault system! I’m still vendoring all those task drops, but I could see labeling a few bank vault chests with either level or region specific names so you could see at a glance which character they would be appropriate for. And I dont know which brand of OCD that organizing your stuff falls into, but LOTRO’s new superior bank vault system hits those buttons!!

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