When Cheese Fails

On the non-MMO online gaming front, one of my friends is all about competitive StarCraft 2, to the degree of having his favorite commentators when he is watching replays. He recently introduced me to a StarCraft 2 replay comedy series, When Cheese Fails 101.

Cheese” is a technical term in StarCraft, referring to an early, all-out offense that will secure either victory or failure in a few minutes. Successful cheese wipes out the enemy or so cripples his/her early economy that the rest of the game is clean-up. When cheese fails, the attacker’s economy is crippled, having thrown all his/her resources at an early attack instead of long-term investment.

When Cheese Fails is a series about games in which … yeah. We all love to see lamers lose, but the better games have something special. Sometimes the cheeser fails to execute or follow-through. Sometimes the other player engages in masterful micromanagement that counters the early rush at very low cost. And some of them have such great surprises that I will not spoil it by even suggesting (although you may use spoilers in the comments). The true hilarity may not be fully apparent until the commentary after the game.

I recommend Episode 8 as one of their better games. Come for the cheese, stay for the pleasant Canadian accents.

: Zubon

4 thoughts on “When Cheese Fails”

  1. Akshun!

    I just gotta say thanx for the headsup on a great youtube channel… that stinky cheddar was hillarious.

  2. I love watching StarCraft 2 commentaries. When cheese fails is a great series. Good call with recommending episode 8, it’s my favorite.

    If you’re looking for other amusing SC2 commentaries you should really watch the Day[9] dailies. Especially “Funday Monday”. Check them out here and just view any episode that says Funday Monday on it. You won’t be disappointed.

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