Bears, Bears, Bears

Tobold mentions the “bears, bears, bears” video promoting WAR: “Now that was a great video, and one could say that the enthusiastic hyping of a feature which then ultimately didn’t make it in that form into the game neatly summarizes people’s disappointment with WAR.” Yes! Exactly! I’ve never even watched the video (and why bother to go back and do so at this point?), but if anyone asks about WAR, I summarize it with three (one?) words. It is not so much the enthusiastic hyping as identifying the problem, summarizing it neatly, identifying a solution, and then willfully failing to implement it. Bitter, bitter venom every time I was sent back to kill a named enemy I just killed, and it spills over to other games that make me do the same thing.

: Zubon

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  1. Rift has a really severe case of this and it’s quite a mystery to me why they inflict it on the players when they’re generally pretty savvy about the genre and improved many other things about WoW.

    For anyone who hasn’t tried Rift, it’s just terrible how many quest chains send you right back to the exact same place you were just killing mobs. Several times you have to kill a large number of mobs that are mixed in with mobs you don’t need to kill… until you hand in the first quest only to be sent back to kill a large number of that second kind.

    1. Why are quest chains where you have to do multiple chains in the same area bad?

      The background to the quests make sense in multi steps. I would rather go through a chain with a NPC in order to get a little “mini story” then be given a single quest.

  2. I’ve played Warhammer Online. I even subscribed to it for several months. Until I read Tobold’s post today, I’d not only never seen “Bears Bears Bears”, I’de never even heard of it. And compared to the average mmo player, let alone the average person, my consumption of news and information on MMOs is probably best described as “obsessive”.

    Makes me wonder who these promos are aimed at.

  3. ::shakes fist at KTR quests:: A drop system (kill monsters until item NPC needs) is a bit better. But killing mobs to reach a certain numbrer after you just killed 2x as many before you spoke with the quest giver – annoying. But Rift does use WAR’s engine so maybe there is no easy way to modify the quest engine to change the quest dynamic easily. I think this is really the issue with any MMO trying to make drastic changes, even if they are for the better. Hands tied by the game engine.

    1. “But Rift does use WAR’s engine”

      It does? Wow if they could make WAR run 1/2 as good as RIFT on my system I’d resub.

      My biggest complaint with WAR was always the broken gamebro engine that was used for *morrowind* that didn’t handle MMO’s right and chugged like a volkswagon beetle hooked up to a 3 trailer long load of lumber.

      And that’s after you spent a month with drivers, tweaking settings, and futzing with hidden config settings that may or may not fix things.

      RIFT on the other hand runs on my system with 100 people on screen with most of the eye candy turned up without even hiccuping.

  4. One nice thing with Rift is that there are quite a few named mobs which don’t have someone that gives you a quest to kill them, instead if you kill them while out and about, they drop a souvenir which starts a quest to reward you for doing that.

  5. Bears bears bears is mostly famous for the fact that WAR PvE was THE EXACT OPPOSITE of that video. When it was originally released it was viewed as just another WAR hype video.

    It would be pretty interesting to go back and watch all of those, and see just how many things Mythic said they would do, and ultimately did something different. My guess is bears bears bears is only the tip of the iceberg, but re-watching those videos would be pretty painful.

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