Guild Wars 2 Release Date (8/28/12)

The most bittersweet of days for Guild Wars 2 is today. It is by far more sweet than bitter, but now the world is indeed moving on. In two months, possibly my most anticipated MMO ever will be real. In one summer morning, with a few characters of information, the community is shaken from a state of speculation to mobilization. I was expecting late September to November, honestly. So this is as much a surprise to me as anybody.

I am at a loss for words. I’ll just keep watching this video instead.


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    1. During one of the community events in the UK (iirc), the ANet spokesguy mentioned that they are not sure they even want to release the two races in a beta; maybe they would, maybe they wouldn’t because they’d like to keep some stuff for the official launch.

      ever since reading that I’ve personally counted both races out for betas. it would surprise me greatly if we got to play them end of July.

    1. “Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer. Too bad he never cries.” On August 28, Chuck Norris will be moved to tears of joy.

  1. All squealing aside, that is a fantastic trailer. I got it off the twitter feed, hoping and praying it was a release date, but not sure. So as the hammer rose and fell I literally felt my heart slow down and speed up.

    Now, I need to submit some time off requests.

  2. I agree with Ethic. While I’m really excited that GW2 will be opening for business, I’m concerned that we have few beta weekends left and we really haven’t seen much of the last two races. I hope they have the time to polish/bug-fix both areas.

    1. Important thing is we haven’t seen them. For all we know the friends and family beta has been testing nothing but that this whole time, for months on end.

      And think about what bugs we found in the other starting zones even? A few bugged Dynamic events and a few map glitches? It’s not like there were any huge bugs running around that “thank goodness the BWE was going on so we could find it out”

      I could be wrong and it could be a bug ridden disaster in sylvari and asura land, but I think previous trends tend to indicate otherwise.

      1. There were quite a few issues in the first BWE, actually. Lots of disconnections and horrible lag. Although the only major issues now appear to be performance and a few bugged skill challenges.

        The whole GW2 beta appears to be mostly a kind of enormous focus-group test, finding out what events are fun and what events really aren’t working.

        1. Backend issues yes, but not that many directly tied to the starting areas (like bugged events etc), at least not as I experienced it. To put it into perspective, the Sylvari and Asura areas are just 4-6 zones (2 cities and 2-4 areas covering lvl 1-25). All the zones from lvl 35 and upwards has not been publicly tested either so we just have to trust ANet that the closed testing i good enough.

          1. You took the words out of my mouth. There were no issues with the zones. There were issues with the game at large, but nothing that I would need to be playing a sylvari or asura to find out.

            1. Well, that’s not entirely true. There were issues on the human area that I did found, things like skill-point NPCs that were permanently dead, areas you could fall through the map, pacing and balancing issues with events/renown hearts, etc.

              These were all minor problems in the big picture of all the bugs and other issues found during these betas, which in their turn were also not a lot either (the game is very stable), but there were some to be found.

              That is why I think it would be a good idea to have these two remaining races available for testing for the final BWE.

    2. Eh. The release date has proven that the BWEs were just for marketing purposes, not for actual beta testing. Which is sad.

      1. Then how do you explain the major difference in quality between BWE1 and 2? The team running RIFT showed that a modern MMO can be tweaked, improved, and developed at a rapid pace.

      2. I would love to hear the logic to how does this make any sense to you.

        I don’t think you even participated on any BWE, or you would know that is absolute nonsense. Anyone that have actually been on the beta knows that it’s been a while since a company took these betas as seriously as ArenaNet did. There was a lot missing, there was a lot broken, and there was a lot fixed thanks to feedback from these betas.

        Just because the game was not as broken during beta as most MMOs usually are at release, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a proper beta. The game has been in beta, in various stages of completion since last December. If nine months of beta is good marketing for you, you must live in a very different market.

        1. If it were a proper beta TEST, more and more zones and content would have been opened for testing (perhaps closing the earlier ones to better focus) for each beta period to get all of the kinks worked out. The beta periods would also have been longer – weekends just wouldn’t be enough.

          Instead, we’ve been confined to 3 races (conveniently, the ones that have always been considered the most anticipated were left out; while not important for testing the zones, the Personal Stories are unable to be tested any other way), 6 zones out of 21 (7 in BWE2), 4 of the 6 cities, and only one dungeon. Plus 2 PvP maps (no idea how many they’ve said were planned) and WvWvW, of course.

          In short, marketing “beta”, with any bug reports for the very limited areas shown being an added bonus. And given how many bugs there were, it’s clear that the rest of the game needs a going-over by the pre-purchase hordes.

          1. The BWEs are for the most part extended stress tests and general gameplay testing. They needed to find out how maps respond under load and the behaviour of large numbers of players over a map. They don’t need to do that on all the maps and in all areas, since they can generalise the results from the different areas that they have tested. They are, of course, testing unique features of other areas in their closed beta.

          2. Personally, structured PvP and WvW are my main interests, and they (at least WvW) were tested and iterated upon quite extensively. It is unwarranted to assume that the PvE zones should carry more weight than the PvP content, which together are not only a major component of the “endgame”, but also stand to gain much more from extensive, large scale public testing.

            I also want to point out in general that the BWEs are not “the beta”, they are a minor aspect of the beta process compared to the closed beta testing, which probably involved a much larger percentage of the game.

            Honestly, it makes total sense to me that the “real” beta be going on behind the scenes with a core group of dedicated testers, and that the open beta events be limited in scope. While I could complain about any number of things ANet have done – most recently the debacle with walking back their design for account-based dye unlocks – I don’t think the beta process is a productive area to uncover evidence of their soulless corporate greed.

          3. Troll, ops… Ogre,

            If it is a marketing beta, it is a very strange one, because for play the beta need pre-purchase the game.

            So, it is a marketing beta… for who bought the game?

            Maybe a troll, ops… ogre can see logic at it, but everyone knows that trolls and ogres are not very smart….

      3. Just the differences between the first and second BWEs are noteworthy. Sure, no major revisions to the game, but they listened and they fixed some stuff. They have also stated (in the recent AMA) a number of things are pencilled in to be added after release. I think, what, four months from the first BWE to launch? That’s enough to do a lot.

  3. Any word on the third novel? I assumed it would be released pre-game release.

    1. Last I heard the book wasn’t going to be released until early next year. Not sure if that’s changed.

  4. Yeah, I was expecting a late fall release, so this is super exciting.

    Frankly, the only problem I have with the game is that the new player experience sucks. They really need to add more tutorial tips/explanations of controls. If you’re an MMO vet, you’re going to pick it up pretty quickly, but I still found myself really frustrated – the human intro seems to have tips, but charr and norn don’t.

    My husband and one of my besties who are coming into this game without having played most of the other AAA titles on the market like I have were extremely frustrated. That needs to be smoothed in a big way.

  5. I was expecting late October at the earliest so this is a nice surprise. When does the headstart begin? Saturday the 25th?

    1. I was thinking September at the very earliest, more likely October/November. This is a pleasant surprise, though my fevered anticipation has been quenched by playing DayZ lately.

      Bring on GW2. I’m excited to be done with the frantic rush to see as much as possible that the BWE tends to become.

  6. Color me worried. There’s a lot of unknown here which is good in the sense that it is something to look forward to, but it is also troubling because of the sheer volume of issues that were discovered during the bwes. All of the undisclosed stuff hasnt been tested as hard as the stuff that was in the bwes. In fact, didn’t they say that Asura and sylvari content isn’t locked yet? There is still a lot in flux, but they have an extremely short time to lock it all down. Maybe it will work and maybe not. We’ll see, I guess. Here’s hoping that their closed testers are working hard and getting the kinks worked out.

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