Don’t Explain the Joke

There comes that moment in the game where you have crossed some threshold or achieved something notable, and you want to tell someone about it. And you realize that your non-gamer friends, family, and/or significant other would not understand what you are talking about; that it would take so long to explain to them that you would probably lose the emotional high from trying to explain its significance; and that they would still probably comprehend at the level of “he did a good game thing.” And then, in some games, where you would still need to explain a bit to your gamer friends, and then they would probably ask, “why are you playing that?”

But just so I can say it: I did a good game thing. Thank you.

: Zubon

3 thoughts on “Don’t Explain the Joke”

  1. I figure if you just keep taking a long time to explain every damn thing, that is the only way you will ever be able to actually have them realize you did a good game thing. Gotta overload them every time and eventually they’ll at least feign happiness for you because they know it is important to you. #comeoutofthecloset

  2. I’ve made statements that sound like I’ve gone around and done things in real life on my fb page but when people asked where I was (like I was on some exotic vacation site in real life) I explained it happened on a game, and my wall is filled with gamers LOL

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