Ryzom in Trouble Again

Some news from Ryzom.

Gameforge France SARL, located in Paris – is lacking the funds to keep going. For those who’ve known the Nevrax times and went through the transitory period in last December, the same legal procedure of “liquidation judiciaire” has been put in place yesterday. This means that while the appointed liquidator will do what it takes to close the company, potential buyers may show up to take over the game Ryzom. If nobody shows up, the servers will be shut down in less than 3 weeks at liquidator’s request.

Thanks to F13.

– Ethic

Ryzom Changes – UPDATED

[Ryzom] UPDATE: More developments. A group of former Nevrax employees are looking to raise funds in order to purchase Ryzom and make it open source. They are not actually taking donations at this time, in case the attempt to buy fails. So if you want to help contribute, go make a pledge.

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Interesting news here:

Nevrax (as a corporate entity) will be going into receivership next month. We emphasize again that the game will continue to run and be supported as this is not the beginning of the end – just the end of the beginning.

As you all, we love our game and we want to see Atys and its homins continue to evolve. We are not alone in this feeling as from the shadows a company has emerged and are currently preparing a plan to take on Ryzom. We can’t tell you more at the moment since it is being discussed but we will keep you informed when we get hard facts. We can assure you that much is happening behind the scenes.

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Ryzom Revisited

sor[Ryzom] Once upon a time, I was in the Beta 2 of Ryzom. I tested and played. I really did not like the game much and put it out of my memory. When the announcement was made about the Ryzom Ring, I became interested again but was skeptical. Now that it is out, and after reading a lot about the game from Kwip, I decided to download the free trial and check it out for myself.

This post is mostly just an introduction and first impressions. I plan to post more down the road as I get more playtime in. But for now, let’s get started. The demo download took about an hour to grab off their website and get installed. There was also a small patch, about a minute’s worth. Registration was easy, no credit card required. All and all quite painless. The graphics displayed during the install showed scenes of space as well as fantasy. Hard to even know for sure what the game is going to be like from those shots.

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Player-Made Content

[Saga of Ryzom] Why is this not a bigger deal in the industry? I think it is a very exciting step in a different direction for MMOs. Listen to the details:

…designing, creating and animating your own scenarios for the players of the Saga of Ryzom.

…allowing you to run your own zones within the world of Atys.

Create a setting and lay out the buildings, flora, fauna, challenges and safe zones that will bring it to life.

Delve into the complete libraries of SoR to dress and populate your map.

…use it to build a dank domain full of monsters, or a serene vale perfect for wedding chapel, the Ryzom Ring provides the means to express yourself.

Share your creation with massive numbers of players. Open your maps to everyone, or reserve them for a selected group of characters. Develop your maps in real time.

Provide a unique game experience for others players by controlling every aspect of a scenario that you have designed.

Fellow players will seamlessly wander from the mainland of Atys into your new map.

This is a bold step. It could be really great, or a huge failure, but it’s bold and I like it. It has potential to increase quality content or increase crappy content. It has potential to increase griefing and cheating. It has potential to give you the opportunity to actually leave a mark on the world.

I eagerly await more details…

– Ethic