So Long Dragon Empires

Dragon Empires development ceased due to technical issues Codemasters has taken the decision to cancel further development of Dragon Empires, the company’s massively multiplayer online role playing project. Dragon Empires received incredible support from its online community and won acclaim from PC and online media while in development. However, technical issues have resulted in the … Continue reading So Long Dragon Empires

Have You Seen My Classes Around Here?

My favorite kind of class to play in an MMORPG is a thief type. Stealthy with high damage potential. Problem is, these classes tend to be hard to play solo. So usually I end up being a fighter so I can actually finish quests and such. It’s not the class I really want, therefore I … Continue reading Have You Seen My Classes Around Here?

My MMORPG History

So, let me try to remember all of the MMORPGs I have played (beta/retail): Earth & Beyond (beta/retail – game cancelled)Neocron (beta)Asheron’s Call 2 (beta/retail)Mimesis (beta – what happened to this one?)EVE (beta)Planetside (beta/retail)Star Wars: Galaxies (beta/retail)Anarchy Online Shadowlands (beta)A Tale in the Desert (beta)Savage (beta – not quite an MMORPG)Horizons (beta)URU (beta – game … Continue reading My MMORPG History