Obligatory Introduction Post

Good day gentle reader. This will be the first of hopefully many more posts to come. My hope is to be able to comment about MMOs in general, but for the most part I will be talking about WoW. It is the only MMO I currently subscribe to and therefore know the most about. I have played just about every major MMO out there. Usually I preorder games and play the betas ($10 for 3 or 4 months of play is a bargain) or I buy the full retail version on Ebay once the game has been out for a while. That being said, I have yet to “invest” in a copy of Mourning. Of course the downside is that I am usually spread pretty thing playing WoW, whatever Betas I can get in to, and my PS2. However, it does give me a pretty decent understanding of where each game is strong and weak. I have friends that complain about every little detail in WoW and I have friends who are Blizzard fanboys that would not talk bad about the game even if Blizzard decided that all Horde characters should move at 1/2 speed.

As much as I like WoW, I must admit that the fantasy genre isn’t really my thing. Sure, I can play fantasy games and I have nothing against them, but at heart I’m a sci-fi geek. I’ve tried AO, EVE, and a few others (not SWG though, I’m a Trekkie) and I haven’t found a sci-fi MMO that has really made me want to pay a monthly fee yet. MxO was fun and I think has an amazing ammount of potential, but I’m not too big on the hacking/cyberpunk thing. I thought the game would be set mostly in the “real world” and you could go around Zion and the tunnels, with an option to go in to the Matrix. In hindsight, that probably wouldn’t have made for a better game than what they came up with.

Also, I was a big comic book geek back in the 90s where every 5th issue of a Marvel comic had 2 or 3 covers (regular, hologram, foil, etched, chrome, etc.). I got a chance to play CoH a while back. I bought the special edition on Ebay for $20 off some guy that just bought it for the Heroclix figure. The game itself was pretty fun, but not enough to get me to pay $15 a month just yet. I’ll probably give it another shot once CoV comes out.

So that’s pretty much where I stand with MMOs for the moment. The fantasy games are tops despite not being my favorite genre. I’d like to see more sci-fi games and would like to see CoH polish itself a bit. My most anticipated game is Star Trek Online just because I’m a Trekkie (but boy, that was an awful final episode of Enterprise). But for the moment I’m sticking to WoW.


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  1. WTB Trek Online! None of this Enterprise crap… nor any of this Janeway fluff… screw Cisco… to blazes with Picard too. Gimme an MMO based on the old P&P hexpaper board game. Constitution class, yar! D-7 cruisers! JT Kirk tear-assing thru the mythos, ho!

    Hell yeah.

    Why has that game never made it to the MMO plane yet?

    Listen up any aspiring programmers! Market needs a Trek MMO… old school style, with side-burns, boots, and high-water pants too.

  2. Too many words…. When’s the Beta, who is the publisher, and when is expected retail?

    And where do I sign up for the beta?

  3. It’s gonna flop harder than an Ogre bellyflopping off Teldrassil.

    I’ve watched all the trek series and enjoyed them all for the most part. Loved captain Janeway, but most of the Voyager stories sucked. I though Enterprise was the best series of all. Every episode was good, may it rest in peace. But a Trek MMO just does not sound appealing.

    I’m a sucker for sci fi and hardware and eye candy. I have not tried the sci fi MMO’s yet. Which is best? AO seems to be free right now, possibly on some limited basis. Should I try that?

  4. AO (the basic game) is free and it is enjoyable. Give it a try. I think it is possibly the one MMO I played more than any other.

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