Have not posted for a while…so…

EVE[EVE Online] Thought I’d share something I’ve been pondering over the last few weeks….

In EVE online, my “progression” came in different stages.

First 2 months: Mostly I was just getting to know the game…new shiny, new gameplay…new style…new (almost) everything. I wasnt sure on what I wanted to do… I had skills spread out in all directions, and I did missions and mined with a friend for the most part.

2-3 months later: I had decided I wanted to be a miner/industrialist. I had my skills queued up for a mining barge craft, which I would fly within a month, I stayed in the corporation’s system and harvested isk all day long, making around 10mill per day

4th month: The corporation I was in was declared upon by a pirate corporation claiming to be mercenaries, this was my first period of real PvP combat (attacking someone in 1.0 in an ibis on your first day does not count unfortunately) in which I used frigates and cruisers, and got a feel for what ships performed what role best. Myself and two other pilots single-handedly ended the war with the defeat of a Battleship fitted with expensive tech 2 and named equipment. Which I suppose made them retract (get the idea the “mercenaries” didn’t want to fight when things got ugly for them) I met the CEO of a small Anti-Pirate corporation during this war (Known as Russo)..and my PvP career was set in motion.

5-6th month: I went back to mining, although not full time, and went along with random PvP ventures with the person I met during the corporation war, eventually left my old corporation and founded my own with Inhibit and another friend, we mostly mined and did NPC hunting for isk harvesting, I had my first scorpion battleship built at this point, and had limited large scale pvp experience outside of the corp, this lasted for a month until Inhibit’s leave from EVE..at which point I took on pirate hunting.

7th month: I joined an Anti-pirate alliance (Huzzah federation) with whom I met during my first corporation war. We stayed there successfully for a month until I was expelled from providence by CVA and Huzzah, at which point I did little else then sit in stations and engage in small pvp against the two alliances in providence, this slowly evolved into small scale piracy.

8th month-Present: I joined Amarria Auxillia and together we continually harassed the inhabitants of providence and lower domain until joining the Tribal Souls alliance, which was a shard of the Stain Alliance. At which point I still engage in fleet, corporation and alliance warfare, on top of pirating in select systems.

How I started as a “carebear” miner and progressed into a Pirate is almost a complete mystery to me…..Within lies my point..it’s funny how a game can change you…


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  1. I see this alot. You start off with low skills and little tactics. The carebear life is economicly rewarding, wether it be mining or trading. As the ISKies poor in you get addicted and think this is the way to go.
    And then the excitment of PvP creeps in. You can’t imagine being a pirate because of your previous life so you start off slowly until one day you realize that you are more powerfull than alot of the people flying around……and then you kill or ransom, and life is never the same.

  2. Well I want to get into PvP and it seems like its so far away :P But I am making an attempt to join Ars C with Ethic’s recommendation and hopefully that will give me a new goal to play towards.

    Its post like this that keep me interested in EVE because I know there is more out there than logging in to set a skill to train :P

  3. Also got my first indy ship today so I can AFK mine and play other games :P Also trained Cruiser 1 so now I just need to cash to get a cruiser maybe and do some tougher ratting :)

  4. That’s kind of how my entire online RPG (now MMO) life has been. I went from roleplayer (GemStone III) to some pvp (Ultima Online – fighting AGAINST PK’s) to power-gamer (Early EQ) to PvP’er (Later EQ when Sullon Zek came out), to all out PvP/PK (WoW – Made it to 67th honor rank on Archimonde server – horde team). Now I barely play the games any more, and when I do I play bluebie with some friends on a nice carebear server. No time for hardcore anymore, and the whole “big guild, huge raids” thing in WoW got boring, even downright annoying.

    Thinking of going back to GemStone IV (went from III to IV while I was gone). I’ve been back a few times, and I’ll never be able to get my old characters back sadly but I still remember how much fun that game is. It’s all text, but really I get my graphics bang from Need for Speed and Battlefield 2. It takes about 20x longer to level in GemStone than in any other MMO after a certain point.

    I am willing to bet after a while (maybe a month, maybe a year) you’ll get tired of the whole pirate thing and either go legit, or start a new character and do all the things you never tried before… taking all you’ve learned with you. Just my guess since I’ve been where you were, and where you are in different games over the years.

    Just remember: Do what’s fun for you.

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