And I thought bubble + hearth was a myth…

wow[World of Warcraft] My brother and I took a trip out to Arathi Highlands about a week ago to pick up some PvP food for our honor farming at level 49. I want to hit Stoneguard before I hit 50 and have a whole new tier of BGs to play in. We decided to mess around and go look for some Alliance to kill. He wanted to try stealthing through Refuge Point. I sat on the edge of the town putting my Hunter’s Mark on Alliance to annoy them while my brother got beat up by some guards.

Of course, after a while you know a level 60 is going to show up. Out of all the 60s to show up, why did it have to be a Paladin? They’re not fun to kill for one and I doubted we could even get close to killing him before our mana pool was used up, but I had an idea. He went after my brother so he kited the Paladin with Entangle Roots and travel form while I pelted the Paladin with my Viper Sting, which, at my current ability’s rank, sucks up around 800 mana over a period of something like 12 seconds. To my surprise, the Paladin didn’t Cleanse to get rid of my Viper Sting. So Viper Sting spamming I went all while dishing out some DPS.

We go all out smackdown once the guy’s mana pool is drained, and in a classic Paladin move he bubbles right before he’s about to die. The best part is the Paladin just sits there for a second and I can imagine the “oh $%#” look on his face as he tries to heal with no MP. What do we see next? Those two glowing green orbs of a Paladin trying to hearth is what we see. Too late! His bubble went away, I Scatter Shot, we give him a good smacking, and give him our signature synchronized Tauren /flex over his corpse.

I’ll take getting ganked for enjoyment like this any day.


6 thoughts on “And I thought bubble + hearth was a myth…”

  1. LOL!!! One point I have to disagree on…. I always get a thrill when killing a paladin. I hate them more than anything else. I even chuckle when they dont die by my hand, but from another.

    Hate them.

    Good Job!

  2. that’s a lousy excuse for a paly right there, to screw up their signature move…

    we had one of our paly’s shield hearth on Vael once out of habbit and he killed everyone in the ironforge inn with his burning adrenalin explosion heh

    good times right there, too bad they fixed it

  3. Only PvP fight more boring than a druid vs a paladin is a druid vs a druid. :p

  4. LOL. I’m glad to see someone else post about hating a particular class. I’m always hesitant to do so, because I don’t want to offend readers of the opposite faction. I hate Shaman! Hate, hate, hate them! *whew* that felt good.

    How naughty of you to terrorize alliance in Arathi. I can’t wait until my NE hunter can return the favor! :-P

  5. Long as you love the player, but hate the class… I see no harm in it. Hehe

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