[GW2] At Least the Informal Grouping Works

That the trading post is nigh perpetually “down for maintenance” is annoying but ignorable. I’m sick of trade spam in every zone, but I’m sick of guild recruitment spam in every zone, too.

What is really bothering our guild is that the grouping interface is not working properly. I think players can get to the same overflow/layer of the world/whatever. It can be hard to tell because, unless you are within sight distance of each other, the avatars are blanked out and you get a “join” button they way you would if you were not in the same instance of the world. Speaking of instances, joining each other there can be spotty. We have had people unable to join each other in personal stories and in dungeons.

Some of the pain is ameliorated by the game’s mechanics that make formal grouping less necessary, and this is less bad than Asheron’s Call 2’s lack of functional chat around launch, but one of the basic things you should be able to demand from a multi-player game is being able to form groups with your friends. Well, we can form groups, but they don’t work right, which is just inviting us to try it and hate the experience.

: Zubon

Finding family members at grocery stores and real theme parks would be so much easier with dots on a mini-map.

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  1. What’s especially irritating about this is that my whole guild experienced no problems regarding these things whatsoever in the BWEs. Same goes for the TP. Worked just fine in the beta builds and come release, bam, it’s broken.

  2. Yeah, this is the only one of the persisting bugs in the game that’s beginning to seriously annoy me. I’ve been ignoring TP being intermittently unavailable (though it’s apparently just capped at a random 25-50% of players at any given time), but this inability to help guildies in their stories or hang out with them is incredibly frustrating. I just spent 30 mins trying to get into the same zone server as my guildie (there were 3 of us trying so it was a joke of two of us being in the same place while the third couldn’t see us — and this went on and on reshuffling as we relogged into the zone, with the ‘Join In’ option not working most of the time) only for the person who we’d gone to help with his story event being unable to invite us into it because the dialogue box asking us to wouldn’t appear.

  3. Yep. while joining each other works most of the time now, apparently the little blue dot on the minimap only appears when you’re standing on top of each other. there’s also something weird going on during crowded events – sometimes party members just disappear for a short duration. apparently the server cannot handle ‘too many models’ at once…..erm wut?

    on the bright side, last night we managed to group up for AC with 3 people who weren’t actually on our server. I had no idea you could do that; but we met on the same overflow and just entered the instance from there.

    1. Rift also had (maybe still has) this mechanic, dropping other players from your screen to increase playability in heavy crowds. I really liked it but it wasn’t universally popular.

      On the general grouping problems I find it all quite nostalgic. Irritating, but kind of sweet too.

      1. Lots of games hide objects and characters to improve playability and frame rate. GW2 is hiding your group members from your user interface.

          1. No, you can still SEE them. Just the party interface blacks them out as if they were in another zone (or overflow).

  4. This stuff will be fixed soon I guess. What concerns me more is the need for chat channel spam to actually get together a pickup group. Why no iteration on the GW1 looking for group system? The LFG panel under contacts seems just to be a graphical frontend to “/invite playername”. Please let it be a placeholder.

  5. It worked better today. The daily patch may have helped. I saw portraits from a long ways away, and the instance asked me to join.

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