Hype has become the subject of the day, and I will contribute two repeats to the discussion. First, You Are Judged Against Your Hype. Doing something modest very well gives you Portal or perhaps Torchlight. Take your pick on “shooting for the stars and not even delivering all the features on the box.” Second, the … Continue reading Hype

Furry Friends and Fiendish Foes

Earth Eternal has head and torso images of its character models (16 races * 2 sexes). I think they are mostly rather good, and certainly different from what you find in most titles. Well, a lot of games have a few anthropomorphic animal races, so about half of these are similar to something out there, … Continue reading Furry Friends and Fiendish Foes

Okay, This is Getting a Bit Furry

[Earth Eternal] Iron Realms has released the concept art for most of the races. I am at a loss for words beyond the title, but I think the drawings speak for themselves. Something about… the torsos… I feel kind of dirty. Like, if it had actually been furry porn, that would be one thing, but… … Continue reading Okay, This is Getting a Bit Furry