COV NDA kthxbye

cov[City of Villains] The NDA for City of Villains is gone, so anyone who was looking for info about it may now be successful. The most amusing comment I’ve seen to date is, “You know everything you wanted them to do with COH? They did that with COV.” The most interesting info I’ve seen to date is this, which is Hero Planner with the COV powers instead of COH powers – not pretty, but it works. I have no idea if that thing is up to date, though.

So if anyone who has been testing it wants to say something, consider it an open comments thread. Oh, and I hear good things about COV inherent powers, so feel free to mention those if you know them. :)

: Zubon

A Tale of Two Games

coh[City of Heroes] Buckle in, this is going to be a long one. Let us start with the digression immediately so it does not distract us later.

Many have observed that World of Warcraft is a different game at high and low levels. At low levels, things move quickly, you can solo easily, you gain new abilities all the time, and there are more quests than you can complete. It is a lot like City of Heroes. At high levels, it is Everquest. You spend a lot of time waiting/organizing large groups for instanced raids, during which several people will get to roll for a chance at a piece of improved loot.

City of Heroes faces a rather different dichotomy between high and low levels.

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What Happens If You Nerf Everything?

coh[City of Heroes] Cryptic has announced an interesting change to City of Heroes enhancements. After the second, each enhancement of the same type will give less bonus.

Some brief background for those who have not played: each power in City of Heroes gets enhancement slots. You can fill these to improve various aspects of a power, such as its accuracy, damage, endurance cost, range, etc. Damage is king, so most damage powers get fully slotted with damage, or else one accuracy and the rest in damage. If you are a defensive class, you throw most of your slots into damage resistance or defense.

The obvious effect is to reduce damage, damage resistance, and defense. It will also reduce the top speed of all travel powers, eliminate perma-Hasten (all your powers come back faster), and reduce the endurance recovery of most heroes (6-slotted Stamina is pretty standard). Oh and heals, those will be weaker, too.

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City of Villains Pricing

coh[City of Heroes] You’ve probably heard by now, since word gits ‘roun’ this har intar-net pretty durned fast, but the same monthly fee will let you play City of Heroes and City of Villains. If you have bought both boxes, $15/month pays for both. You get 12 characters per server instead of 8, to be shared between heroes and villains. It’s a new game – it’s a big expansing pack! It’s a floor wax – it’s a dessert topping!

So if you were thinking of trying COH again, when the new game comes out, your free month will cover both games. Remember, you want to upgrade your existing NCSoft account, not start a new one.

: Zubon


[EVE Online] CCP e-mailed me today to announce the upcoming publication of EON, “possibly the most exciting development in the MMORPG world since EVE itself.” Only eight months in the making! So what is EON? A magazine about EVE: Online, just $15/issue. (Since it will be a quarterly publication, that is not more than the cost of the game itself. I was concerned.)

I have so many different ways that I want to comment on this, I cannot decide which to go with. Obviously, I have been swept away by “possibly the most exciting development in the MMORPG world since EVE itself.” Maybe we can make a week of EON on KTR.

: Zubon

Ding IRL

The civil service is a great place for gamers. Sure, there is a bit of a grind, but it’s a level-based system with clear rewards for time inputs. Having reached level 12 this week, in addition to the bonus in gold rewards, I get six skill points and a feat to assign on my stats. It should take about a year to level again, so I have time to shop around and decide where to spend those. You don’t want to be FOTM in government.

Unfortunately, lag was an issue, since I messaged the trainer four months ago. It apparently takes many requests to the server for that to go through. I wonder if they’re getting a lot of those requests lately? It all ends happily, since there was a rollback and the gold rewards are retroactive to when they were originally scheduled for implementation.

Next, we beat another metaphor into the ground for no good reason. But first, I need to go wash some dishes in a kind of The Sims LARP.

: Zubon

The MacGyver Rule: Explained

You are probably familiar with the list of computer RPG cliches. Veterans of the genre are probably familiar with many variations, actually, and understand exactly what each reference means. This means that we have spent too much time in front of monitors instead of learning Spanish, dating, exercising, cleaning up litter, etc. Well, it’s a sunk cost now.

Anyway, your hero wields a sword. Your healer/mage/potential love interest has a staff. Beyond that, anything goes. Deck of cards? Great weapon. Umbrella? Now you’re talking! Plunger? You know some game has it. And, of course, the shops do a brisk trade in varying levels of those. Want to upgrade from a bronze parasol to a silver assault umbrella? Third shelf on the left, next to the exploding chicken eggs. No, under the mana-infused tortilla chips.

MMOs explain why this is coherent. Why in the world would there be a market for combat accordions? Because people would use them. Given the chance, players will make mechanical squirrels, exploding sheep, muffins of wondrous power, and carrot cake soup. These are not the most absurd items that really do exist in-game. In Asheron’s Call, not only can you one-shot high level monsters with a properly buffed pumpkin, but people have traded for dinner plates with nice attack mods. Engineers in World of Warcraft carry around jumper cables to rez, and I assume that Duct Tape of Healing is in the works, if it is not already around (10 linen, 6 Sparkling Duck Feathers, 4 Silver Spider Web Glands).

I refuse to look at the weapon list for Final Fantasy XI.

: Zubon

No New Information

Sometimes you hear a sentence in-game that adds no new information. It is something people say so often that saying it again creates no new knowledge in the world. In fact, only the sentence’s opposite would be notable. It isn’t always true, but at any given moment, someone will say it within the next 30 seconds:

  • I hear there are going to be a bunch of nerfs in the next patch.
  • There have been a lot of complaints on the boards lately.
  • Some moron is babbling about nonsense in broadcast/general chat.
  • Some morons are comparing e-peens in the lowbie zone.
  • I hate Jack Thompson
  • Did they nerf accuracy? I think they nerfed accuracy. I swear, I’m missing a lot more lately.
  • My healer got another blind team invite.
  • For the love of God, I am never joining another non-guild group again. This pickup group is herd of f’ing morons, I kid you not. There’s this one guy here who knows what he’s doing, and I think the rest are a bunch of twelve-year-olds on crack.
  • I never get any good drops.
  • Is anyone working customer service tonight? I’ve been in the queue for like an hour.
  • That chick is so obviously a guy.
  • I’m lagging pretty bad here. Is anyone else lagging?

Feel free to add your own examples.

: Zubon