Even More WoW News

I just doesn’t stop today. Posted on the official WoW forums:

All levels of the organization are working to address this. I would like to stress that real progress is being made on the issue behind the scenes, and again, we are all fans of the game and want as much to rid of these problems as much as our players. I know the perception is contrary to that, but there aren’t enough words to express how much dedication, from the president on down, is going into resolving these issues.

[Character migration]
We plan to offer a 1 time migration from high population realms to low peopulation realms to ease the overcrowding. It is currently undergoing implementation/testing. More details to follow.

Both are very good news for the players. The sooner they implement these fixes, the better. As long as they *are* fixes.

A Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Waste

I normally try to avoid “official” MMOG forums due to the incessant complaints and mindless drivel. World of Warcraft’s forums are no exception, in fact they could possibly be one of the worst MMOG forums ever.

I spent some time on them, looking for some diamonds in the rough. Let’s examine some of those gems.

“Your solutions for your inadequacies are for shart. Your rhetoric about dilligently working to resolve them is like crying wolf. No one gives a rats arse anymore.”

Not too bad. He speaks for everyone and spells things in a fun way. Moving on…

“Im so pissed right now I’m gonna go beat my dog.”

This guy is real mad.

“How poor can your servers and customer service be? I have an idea, why don’t we toss a few more million dollars your way, and this time you can spend it on something besides hookers, marijuana and BBQs.”

I’m going to start an MMOG, didn’t realize I could buy hookers to smoke pot with me at my BBQ. Sweet!

“whoever started up this casino rolling thing needs to have their genitals flayed and rolled in salt and vinegar potato chip bags.”

I’m going to have to agree with this comment. Flay and roll!

“i was killing the monsties and a guy asxed me if i could use and then i kept killing the monsters and then i found an item!Then he Axed if i could steal it but so i said yes until i said no.”

That’s a beauty. Either that’s an attention whore or a total idiot. Probably both.


Same guy, different post. I smell a ban for being a loser.

“The other day i was playing and this uber level 60 shammy came by and was like u suxorz and killed me. Then he like corpse camped me and stuff so i had this priest come by and rezz me only he couldn’t cuz they nerfed rez so it only works on pallys. So I had a pally buddy come by who was level 38 and he killed the shammy.”

Good story, thanks for the entertainment!

“I see bongs and people snorting stuff…. This is funny!…. why cant players do this? We can get drunk and get behind our horse and ride around but we cant take drugs or smoke outa a bong?”

Where does this guy live? He would be wise to move away from there.


Where is that damn druid in forist song srine anyway? I couldn’t find him either.

“New Blizzard forum rule petition: Hence forth, anyone posting their ‘demands’ of Blizzard should be permanently flicked off the planet like the slimey little boogers they are.”

Start flicking! Please.

“last time i checked we are adults paying for this montly game. *well some of us*”

Some is a guess, and probably too high.

“utmost respect for GMs, but one said ‘Please try and post constructively. Thread closed.’ it shhould be please try TO post constructively, see? this is constructive post, and ordinn im not making fun of u just demonstrating my knowledge of english lang.. w”

He is just demonstrating his knowledge of the english lang. Leave him alone.

“i like money, but farmers mess up so no thx”

This is why they invented money laundering.

“the game failed me, im very dissappointed. u need to add 1000 more stuff to make it work. sorry guys, but im leaving. cya tomorrow”

Ha ha ha. The game needs 1000 more stuff so he is leaving. But why come back tomorrow?


Pure genius.

“My nephew deleted my main a lvl 42 rogue… is there any way to restore this toon? or is it start from the begining time again?”

His nephew rocks.

“I swear… get rid of netzero or whatever isp/hardware the servers are on. Every night I get the same lag and its ridiculous. We can just call the game ‘World of’ because warcraft is f’ing impossible with the LAG.”

I can’t believe someone found out they use Netzero.

“listen i like this game in all but some things just need to be added i personally think one should be launguage to talk to the other team and an area where you could go that combines all the different servers so you could meet your friends that are on a different server”

Um, what?


Me too.

Turbine In Bed With Sony Online Entertainment

Just caught this announcement on the Turbine website:

Sony Online Entertainment Inc. (SOE), a worldwide leader in massively multiplayer online (MMO) gaming, today announced the formation of Station Publishing, a new distribution label within the company. Station Publishing will focus on distributing interactive entertainment products licensed from external content providers for the PC and game console market. The first titles due from Station Publishing will be Turbine Entertainment Software�s Asheron�s Call: Throne of Destiny and Asheron�s Call 2: Legions.

Argus, the senior producer of AC2 Legions, had this to say about the decision:

Turbine is a developer and publisher. We make games. When it comes to putting these games into boxes and getting them on store shelves, it is better for us to partner with a well established distributor than to grow in a direction that is not in line with our focus: making games. If what we want is a distribution partner that has succeeded with the marketing and retail launch of expansion packs, SOE starts to make good sense. Sony�s sales force is one of the best in the games industry, and we�re more than happy to have them working on our behalf.

“I Have No Use For Gold Now”

My brother who said “I have no use for gold now.” gave me 25 gold last night in WoW so I spent some time in the Orgrimmar Auction House buying lots of uncommon (green and some blue!) goodies. Now I feel all elite or something.

My brother plays a level 60 rogue. He wields what he says are the 2 best swords in the game. They sure looked impressive anyway. I guess when you are at max level, have the undead mount that costs 1000 gold and have the best weapons in the game, gold probably is not of any use to you any more. I do not feel bad having gold given to me in a game. Never have and never will. It just makes it easier for me to have more fun. Besides, now I have a full length cloak and that means I rock.

Got about 2/3 of the way to 24 tonight just doing a few quests around Tarren Mills.

Level 23

Well, my Shaman hit level 23 tonight in World of Warcraft. How is that for slow? I have yet to do a single instance even. Not even Ragefire Chasm which is for level 15 and 16 players. I’m so lame. Well at least I have more content than I can possibly tackle. I am constantly having to choose which 20 quests I want to hang on to. Oh well, off to bed.

Wish Post Mortem

Marc Laukien responded to some emails regarding the reasons for the end of Wish and what may happen to the code over on Stratics:

Wish has been shut down because with the data we gathered during the first 10 days of our Beta 2.0 test, even with our best-case projections for player numbers, we could not have reached enough subscribers for Wish to sustain itself.

This is the reason that I already gave to several fan site managers, and it is the only reason. There have been no technical problems out of the ordinary, we have not been bought out, and neither is there any truth in any of the other rumors that are being spread in the Internet.

This reason is hard to accept for some fans of Wish, and I can understand that. There has been a very loyal and dedicated community around Wish. But it is simply not large enough to support a group of over 32 full-time game developers, plus many others that worked as consultants.

And later:

It is very unlikely that the Wish source code will be released under some form of open source license. The code depends on several commercial products, so you couldn’t just use the code as it is. Furthermore, you would need a large and highly experienced development staff to actually use the code, plus a lot of support from the original authors, something that most likely would not be possible. I’m really sorry that I cannot give you any better news, but knowing the complexity and required efforts of development, I’m afraid that Wish as a community project is not feasible.

So there you have it. They did not think the number of potential subscribers would keep the game afloat. The code is tied up in a bunch of 3rd party rights. The end?

SW:G Added To Station Access Plan

At $21.99 per month, this is a pretty damned good deal if you like a few of these games.

After Feb. 1, 2005, Star Wars Galaxies will join the already available line-up of titles offered under the Station Access subscription plan, which includes the original EverQuest, the recently released EverQuest II, PlanetSide, EverQuest Online Adventures for the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system, EverQuest for the Macintosh and the three Station Pass games, Cosmic Rift, Infantry and Tanarus.

WoW And It’s Impact On Other MMOGs

One of the devs over at Dark Age of Camelot has posted a letter on The Camelot Herald. Of interest to me was this part:

“…since the original launch of the game, we have looked at creating a new server type that is geared to players who have less time than others to commit to a MMORPG. This exciting new server will cater to both the casual player as well as address some of the concerns of players about bots and the time commitment necessary to complete ToA. We will be announcing full details about this server type in the coming weeks but I believe that this server will go a long way in making DAoC the leader of the pack in regards to the casual player. As part of this, we will also be looking at the impact of the death penalty and other aspects of the game on the casual player.”

The popularity of World of Warcraft is already making waves throughout the MMOG market. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? We can only watch and see.

WoW Offline For 16 Hours

The weekly realm maintenance normally scheduled for Tuesday morning has been moved to this Thursday, January 13, at 4:00 AM PST. As part of this week’s maintenance, we will be making improvements to our current infrastructure to address recent performance issues. Please note that implementing these improvements will extend the duration of the maintenance window to approximately 16 hours. We thank you in advance for your patience during this time; we will work diligently to bring the realms up as quickly as possible.

16 hours? Ouch.

WoW Dominates Holiday Sales

IRVINE, Calif. – January 10, 2005 �Blizzard Entertainment today announced that World of Warcraft has sold through more than 600,000 units to customers in North America, Australia, and New Zealand. The fastest-growing massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) has also shattered all previous concurrency records in North America, achieving over 200,000 simultaneous players during the holiday period.