I am not playing RIFT…

…until the official launch.  I’ve done my due diligence.  Well, as much as time would allow while I try to shed a few pounds off my carcass.  I’ve played at least 7 different builds to level 8.  Two to 10.  And one to 15.  I love how smooth, playable and re-playable the game is at the lower levels.

During that time, I’ve evaluated my play style.  As long as I can remember, a game hasn’t made me consider and reconsider how I want to play at launch like RIFT has.  While I’ve come back around to my old standard of ranged DPS, it’s been fun getting a brief look at the mechanics of the other three class groups of souls.

I’ve been tired of the classic PvE questing that has become the staple of any modern MMO.  I understand why it’s there.  And like many developers and players…I still don’t like it.  But it has become a necessary evil.

But Rift gives us an opportunity to bypass the normalcy of PvE questing with Rifts and invasions.  I’ve seen great progress made in the game with this dynamic content.  So much so, I’m going to spend much of my time closing RIFTS and fighting invasions when they pop up in Telera.

I’m also going to dabble in PvP.  As I’ve aged like moldy cheese, I’m finding more and more that I like the realm of PvP in most games.  I’m not sure the reward systems or even the point of PvP are all that well developed in RIFT.  So I can live without it, too.

The main reasons I’m excited about the game and why I plan to play after beta have nothing to really do with sitting down and playing.  They have to do with:

1.  Great communication regarding development.
2.  Excellent attention to player feedback.
3.  Using beta for what it has been intended – making the game better.

But now I want to save that excitement and enthusiasm and energy for launch…or more specifically…the head start…which begins February 24…reportedly.

MMO Overload in 2011

With the announcement that Star Wars: The Old Republic will be released sometime after April 2011…I’m thinking, “Ut oh.  Here we go again!”  Instead of a somewhat steady stream of major titles being released the last couple years, it looks like they’ll all be released within months of each other in 2011.  You might have your favorites and be able to pick one.  But for me, it’s going to be overwhelming and expensive.  And I’m looking forward to it…

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Haven’t Got a Clue

As I established in my inaugural post, I’m a hobby game design nerd.  So given the opportunity to attend the Buffalo Bills vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game this weekend at Ralph Wilson Stadium, what do I look forward to?  That’s right…how the experience can apply to the browser-based game I’m working on.    Forget that I’ll be in club seating.  Forget that I’ll have a Fanvision on me.  Forget that I’ll probably drink enough beer to forget everything anyway…

I won’t bore you with my analytical break down of how the game of football could apply to the design of an MMO.  Instead, I wanted to talk about the design of my favorite game and get some feedback on yours…

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What Exactly is a Makkaio Anyway?

Would you believe the internet moniker I’ve been using for the last 15 years came off a coffee mug?  I was in a gift shop in Honolulu, Hawaii, looking at a rack of mugs that had English names on one side and the Hawaiian translation on the other.  Matthew translates into Makaio.  Some dude was already using that name on AOL…so I very creatively added the second ‘K’ and BAM!

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