Cloak and Dagger

EVE[EVE Online] I’ve decided to train up the skills that would allow me to fly a covert ops ship with the covert ops cloaking device. This is supposed to allow me to fly around undetected. I’m hoping there is something cool to be had with it, perhaps smuggling opportunities (delivering high priced items into 0.0 space). I understand the cloaking device will not allow you to transport stolen goods past Concord, so that is out.

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Meet Murky

wow[World of Warcraft]

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Some of those pet murlocs that are available only by going to BlizzCon (or buying one for $150 from someone who did on Ebay) are turning up in game now. I’ve always been a sucker for non-combat pets. At one point I think I owned every pet you could get from a vendor. Need for space in my bank and item slots forced me to sell most of them although I have a few and my collector’s edition zergling still around. I wish I could have the murloc as well. If I had know there would be such huge demand for them on Ebay I would have just bought a couple of BlizzCon tickets and have been able to go and make some money at the same time.

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One of them nights…

wow[World of Warcraft] This is one of those nights that normally causes me to cancel. I had about an hour to play. I logged in and got slapped in the face with a 20 minute queue. Well crap.

After waiting, I get in and Tarren Mill is in the middle of a huge battle which is causing heavy lag. It also happens to be my main quest area for my level 24 warlock.

I manage to get out of the main fighting area and do my quest. On the way back, the server locks up and I cannot log out. I’m also stuck in the classic “looting” pose.

Alt+F4 is the only way out. And of course I cannot log back in now. No matter, even if I did there would be a queue again.

Good night.

– Ethic

So much for my dreams of being an ogre…

wow[World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade] As lufia22 posted earlier, Blizzard has announced the name of the upcoming WoW expansion. The Burning Crusade refers to The Burning Legion from Warcraft 3. Basically they are the “phantom menace” of the Warcraft universe. They are responsible for the fall of the High elves (pre-Warcraft games), the corruption of the Orcs (Warcraft 1 & 2), and the rise of the Undead Scourge (Warcraft 3).

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Anti-Social Multiplayer

I feel that I am pretty anti-social when it comes to playing MMOs, which does tend to complicate the issue sometimes. In general, I solo because I am more comfortable with it. I enjoy having a few friends online to chat with, but usually we are all doing our own thing.

I’m the same way in real life situations. It takes a good while to get to know me, but once I’m comfortable around you a whole different person starts to show up. I don’t know why, but it often causes problems in big groups. Big groups of strangers? You’ll find me hiding in a corner looking for an exit.

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