How To Use a Known Issues List

Put something on it.

Seriously, game developers, it does no good for you to post a “known issues” page and then never update it. Have you not noticed any bugs or balance issues in the game? Are you aware of them but pretend they don’t exist? Are you just lying in case potential buyers are checking the web page first?

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How To Use Patch Notes

Include everything. Mention when you change them.

For example, say that you were to nerf stealth in your game. It would not be a good thing to leave that out of the patch notes. If you did leave it out, you should definitely add it in. Also, when you add it, make a note at the top, maybe with a big UPDATE line, rather than listing it in the middle of other changes. The same goes for everything else you missed the first time through.

As a parting note, it might be worth including an explanation of significant changes to powers, especially when you have promised to do so. A simple “We thought stealth was too useful PvE even after the last couple rounds of nerfs” might be nice.

: Zubon

A Third Tale

[A Tale in the Desert] Beta 2 for the Third Telling of A Tale in the Desert (or “ATitD 3,” if you are so inclined) starts Friday, May 5, at noon EST. The announcement after the first beta is below the break. You can download the client for Windows, Linux, or Mac through link right there. I might also recommend as the site of the long-running forums, a great place to learn more. There should be a link there to the ATitD wiki and other fun. It is a rather complex game, so read up before you ask newb questions out-of-game. In-game, people will line up to help you; on the forums, they will give you a link and ask you to read a few pages.

No, I have no idea how ATitD is these days. I stopped keeping track after the Events team mostly dissolved early in the Second Telling.

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No Seriously, Does City of Heroes Have Issues?

coh[City of Heroes] Issue 7 is taking a little longer than expected. The ninth teaser for it is out (Hero version). Past issues have had two teasers before things went on patch, while this one has had more than two months of teasers. So the heroes are perhaps a bit restless. I do not think the PR team was expecting to need that many teasers, as they have gone as far as showing off new walls and listing every power in the new power pools and the patrol pools (oh, and getting a patron was its own update), which would be a bit more exciting if most of the powers were not recycled, sometimes with new graphics.

I am still looking forward to Mayhem Missions in Issue 7. As I said a couple of months ago, those are what I was looking for in CoV. Just six months after release, they are on the horizon. There is a trailer video out, which uses the Mayhem Missions to show off the new costume bits, powers, and NPC hero groups, as well as the detonation of pedestrians and objects.

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I Do Not Have Super Jump IRL

Work sent me out of town for the past week. The hotel lobby reminded me of a City of Heroes office map, where the upper floors have a landing that looks down on the lobby. Having run that map hundreds of times, I needed to remind myself that if I hopped over the railing, I would not land safely except for a little red “-2” over my head.

The stairs were further from temptation than the elevator.

: Zubon

St. Sneaky Pete’s Oyster Day

kol[Kingdom of Loathing] The Kingdom of Loathing has its own holidays, mirroring normal American holidays. These are set by the KoL calendar, but they also appear on the real-world calendar days. The Feast of Boris, for example, appears on Thanksgiving as well as Boozember 7.

Today is the first time a KoL holiday falls on a real world holiday that has a KoL equivalent. Therefore, it is a combination of St. Patrick’s Day and Easter. Drunkenness and oyster eggs abound. Can you find the secret special baskets?

(Special Offer! Today Only! I thought you’d want to know.)

: Zubon

Does City of Heroes Have Issues?

coh[City of Heroes] City of Heroes has an Issue every three months or so. These are the big content updates, introducing new zones, powers, etc. Issue 6 coincided with the release of City of Villains at Halloween.

It has been a while since then. Cryptic puts out “feature updates” to maintain interest from week to week. Is it a bad sign when the update is literally “Hey, check out these walls!“?

(In fairness, there are more updates here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Any surprises left for the test server?)

: Zubon