Languished Thoughts

I am withering away waiting for the next Guild Wars 2 beta event. I have dreams of a dagger-charged necromancer or elementalist that I can’t wait to realize. Yet, the gaming world seems to be darkening as the light of the last Guild Wars 2 beta weekend event is receding. I am trying to shake the feeling as best as I can with Steam sales, and the like. Then I hear what is going on in the news.

Scarlet “MMO”

Except for the aforesaid exception, the MMO genre seems to be bleakening. With a gracious nod to Beau Hindman, I would say that this only seems to be the case for so-called “AAA” titles as F2P titles seem to flood across the land like a scute mob. Continue reading Languished Thoughts

[Eve] Fickle Wormholes

The past few weeks have been a series of ups and downs in Wormhole Space.  We had a string of really good spawns at the beginning of the month and are now in something of a slump with regards to new Cosmic Signatures…

It can be very frustrating to log on, scan the home system and the surrounding constellations, and realize that there is almost nothing you can feasibly do that will be of any significant benefit.   On a positive note, the last payout was a whopping $348,000,000 ISK so we are really getting good at milking the spawns we do get.   Now if we can figure out how to make content more consistent, though I think we all already know the inevitable answer… move to a bigger Wormhole with a 2nd WH Static.   If only we were ready for it, but we will be soon.


[Eve] Two Corporations: One War

Last night, I joined RvB – Blue Republic.

Things in the Wormhole are going great, we have been busy with Sigs and Anoms, and the occasional fleet roam, but until a few final skills in my solo-gank Bomber build finish up, I am largely incapable of stalking in W-Space solo.

My 3rd account that I built a Freighter/ Trader pilot on has finished up that skill plan, and I was debating what to do with the account now, when I read about Red v Blue.

RvB is an epic, endless, galactic war between thousands of friends who pew pew at each other in High Sec, all the time.   I had to get in on that action, so I rolled a new alt, and applied to Blue Republic.

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[Eve] First Blood

The atmosphere inside the wormhole is thick with tension and a restlessness is creeping into the collective consciousness of our comrades.   The CEO has seen this before, and knows full well that the only thing more dangerous than a hostile Fleet in your home, is a pack of Space Cowboys with nothing to shoot at for a string of days…

SynCaine broadcasts a fleet, and orders blare out over coms, “We need a scan fleet out, find us a Hole.”

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[Eve] Hunted Becomes Hunter

If you follow my adventures, or those of our CEO SynCaine, then you are aware that last week, our wormhole was invaded and camped by a rather talented band of killers.   Eve being the fickle mistress that she is, saw fit to place these killers in our wormhole precisely when we were settling into the site clearing and when we were so inundated with sites that we were out in gas ships, mining ships, and many of us dual-boxing in combat ships in Sleeper sites all at the same time, which is a really bad idea, when you don’t have that much experience in general wormhole defence and PvP.

In any event, we observed the skill level of these guys, and SynCaine chatted with their leader throughout the days they were logging kills on our fleet like Velociraptors at a petting zoo, and in the true spirit of Eve, they saw a great deal of common-ground and retained each other as contacts even after we learned not to fly into the dinosaur teeth and starve the beasts out of the Hole.

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[Eve] Tiericide

CCP has announced some vague changes to the way the Eve racial ship tier system will work in the upcoming patch/ expansion.   No one is quite certain what they are planning or how they will implement it, but the prospect of the changes has me in a mental quandary…

Should I postpone my current skill plan for a month, effectively halting my improvement as a combat pilot during that time, for the chance of a huge power payoff down the road?

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[Eve] Building Infrastructure

One of the neat aspects of Wormhole Life, is the process of transitioning the wild and untamed NPC space, into a livable and profitable home for our pilots.  This started right away, when we hauled in our ships, our POS (Player Owned Structure) and all the gun and maintenance arrays we wanted surrounding our home tower.   However, building a safe place to store your ships and your loot, is just scratching the surface of it…   We have a lucrative planet distribution in our slice of space heaven, so we wanted to maximize our Planetary Interaction (PI) right away.   Fortunately our Production Director, T’ango, is a spreadsheet maniac and tackled the PI set-up and we got that buzzing fairly quickly.  I am a cog in the machine and glad of it.

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